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July 2013



Shorts week ~ Boy shorts

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I’ve had these Carhartt boys shorts for nearly 10 years now. I used to be the manager of a small womenswear boutique in Soho that sat opposite Carhartt. It was a small branch of the chain and only sold menswear. I always liked their shorts and challenged myself to ~ as I’ve done all {shorts} week ~ make these boys shorts look good on a tapered waist and a rubenesque bottom. As always a heel and a feminine print goes a long way.


{orla kiely top, carhartt shorts, m&s heels and sunnies}




July 2013



Shorts week ~ Long low rise

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Day two of ‘Shorts week’ ~ this thing is really taking off! I’ve seen loads of people wearing shorts. I’ve given them that knowing wink and we’ve shared a moment of ‘yes, we’re both participating in National ‘Shorts Week” ~ saw me don the complete opposite of yesterday’s treats. I went for low rise, longline, thin cord and a customary heel that makes m a little more fem. Loose fits and breezy times for long, hot summer days…happy days…..


{gifted vest, bcbg cord shorts, vintage heels, m&s sunnies, orla kiely bag}






July 2013



Shorts week ~ High waisters

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DSC02695When the weather decides to finally answer my prayers and grant me with a succession of weeks that firstly make everyone so God DAMN happy and secondly allow me to wear all my ‘summer summer’ clothes then I thank it’s pretty ass and make the most of this precious time.  As with Pants week {I’m sure you’ll all remember those good old days} I laid out all my shorts on my bed and each day made sure they got the showcasing that they so rightly deserved. A brown leg and a heel was all these high~waisted D.I.M.D.I shorts needed. I ran around town all day in this comfy, chic outfit. CHIC???? Gurrrrrrrrlllll…YES! I know they’re cut offs but with a sleeve, a heel and a high waist I made these badboys work for central London.




{forever 21 top, d.i.m.d.i shorts, melissa plastic heels, green wooden beads from bondi beach market, gifted promise2morrow paper beads, orla kiely}





April 2020



Quarantine Chic

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{A 15 year old cardiganos, a stale nightie, some D.I.M.D.I vans and 5 day old hair ~ Quarantine Chic 2020}


How green is your catwalk? How sustainable is your vision? How circular is your economy?


These were the questions Vogue found dominating the Spring 2020 catwalks back in October 2019. They were legitimate questions and ones that once again will need answering. But not right now. Time, like fashion, changes quickly and these questions are no longer on everyones lips.

Having finally arrived in the Spring/Summer of 2020 a different crop of questions appear to have arisen. How long can I wear my tracksuit bottoms before I need to wash them? Is a common one along with Why bother with a bra? and Should I go grey?

The predictions for what we’d all be wearing this season have been thrown out of the window as ‘We the people’ take back our style. No longer will we be dictated to by large fashion conglomerates urging us to partake in this environmentally destructive industry. No longer will we be a slave to trends and a desire to fit in. The rules have been relaxed so much they’re taking an afternoon nap….And we’ve never looked better.

Here with correspondence from the front line are the ways in which we’re defying what was expected of us and creating our own Quarantine Chic

1. Comfy bums

Whether it’s an old pair of leggings that have seen better days, some tracksuit bottoms with stains on them or simply your TKMaxx workout pants ~ Bottoms are comfy AF. No restrictive waistband need apply for status during this time. Elasticated or ‘way too loose to be seen in public’ waistbands are what we’re looking for. Along with baggy knees and an unflattering butt. Comfy bums do exactly what they say on the tin but perhaps most importantly, with all this sitting around that’s currently popular, they don’t give you trapped wind. Winning on all levels.

As the weather heats up a random selection of shorts are representing Comfy bums.  They can be unattractive sports shorts, way too flimsy running shorts or simply inappropriate for public short shorts. Any will do they simply need to be accompanied by an unshaven leg and a severe need for a pedicure. Reports coming in from a nearly 40 year old woman in South East London, and I quote ~ ‘…My legs are so hairy right now as I was walking around my flat last night – legs out – I could feel a breeze in them..’

2. Underwear? Nowhere!

It’s a controversial trend but one I urge you all to embrace. Firstly lose the bra. Don’t even look at it. Let your baps be free. Give them time to unevenly swing and bob about with not a care in the world as to who’s checking out those sweet nippy titties. All the way over in Hove I heard whispers of individuals still wearing a bra simply for that feeling of relief when it’s whipped off come 5pm. Whatever floats your boat.

Speaking of boats, if you haven’t already, lose the under crackers too. Going commando is the new ‘wearing underwear’. It’s everywhere. I’ve never had such a low rota of washing clothes. Saving the environment AND airing your overgrown privates? What’s not to love about this trend.

3. Mixology

A personal favourite of mine that has spilled over from previous seasons. Mix and match has never been so prevalent. Put it all on together. Think more mixing and less matching. Actually forget matching altogether. Whilst standing in my local post office queue for 45 minutes the other day I felt particularly proud of my outfit. Some grey bobbly leggings paired with bright blue and yellow bermuda shorts. An orange puffer jacket was involved whereas a bra wasn’t. The cohesion of this outfit was immense. It reminded me of way back in mid March 2020 when I would pair a nightie I’d not bothered to change out of with some trainers and a winter coat just to take the bins out. Trés chic.

4. No Poo & No Slap

Trend forecasters may have predicted with the return of the roaring 20’s chic bobs and kohl lined eyes would once again be en vogue. It appears none of us have chosen to take up these styles. Instead we’re putting down the shampoo altogether and letting ‘natural oils’ style our dos. ‘What a state’, ‘So overgrown’ and ‘No, it’s just greasy’ are compliments often heard on the front rows of FaceTimes.

Whilst the majority of makeup is gathering dust on dressing tables the red lip appears to still be going strong. Stylistically, for me, it brightens a dry, sallow, zit riddled face.  It was spotted twice in that 45 minute post office queue and it’s also making a regular appearance at group Houseparties accompanied by raging insomnia and a pint of Gin.

5. 50 fades of Grey

The colour of the season? According to the projections of fashion weeks there’s never just one but this season those in the know went with Grey. Whether it’s old leggings, baggy jumpers or bottom of the drawer underwear. It could be your lover’s tracksuit bottoms, the colour of your society deprived skin or simply your roots coming through ~ grey is everywhere.

From slate to marl to Jaime Dornan’s acting this is a colour that needs to be embraced as well as revered for providing comfort and solace at this, what I would say, real moment in fashion history of great grossness.

As for accessories ~ Bags are so last season as are heels, boots, brogues, oxfords, wedges, mules…basically anything that isn’t a trainer or a slipper. Jewellery appears to be worn either not at all or all at once so it isn’t, like a large portion of the workforce, made to feel redundant.

Whatever style you choose to adopt this Spring/Summer be safe in the knowledge that it hasn’t come from the catwalks. No magazine or influencer predicted your chosen chicness. You did it all by yourself using the clothes you already own, a dearth of hair dye/clippers and a lack of interest in showering each day.

If you’re over on Instagram wearing your latest pristine Ganni dress whilst sitting in your flower filled garden, then good for you! Go for it. I, on the other hand, am bucking the trend of keeping it together and am currently on my South circular facing balcony wearing a pair of unflattering trousers I cut into shorts, a t-shirt I’ve slept in for 3 nights and roots Debbie Harry would be proud of. Once again, Trés chic….



June 2019



Summer Styling

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Hey Guys!

Remember the Summer of 2018? Remember??!? It was…well it was 12 months ago. I remember it extremely well. There was so much sunshine my melasma stained face has only just returned to it’s regular colour of ‘Are you ok? You look ill’. I mourn the passing of ‘The Summer that was’ because whatever we’ve got masquerading as ‘a Summer’ in 2019 just doesn’t wash with me. ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS’ I say! Obvs if you’re reading this in the US of A you’re perplexed. You lucky beasts get gifted a yearly Summer from the sensibly allocated time slot of May to September.

In Unit K, however, we rarely get the never ending heatwave that was Summer ’18. This year we very miserably have a piss poor showcasing of my favourite season and it means I’m struggling. I’m struggling because I’ve self diagnosed myself with SAD. But on a much more trivial level I’m struggling because I’ve got a wardrobe full of  bright, colourful clothing that simply doesn’t get worn. Let’s get down to the serious stuff here!

My beautiful & carefully selected garms hang in my closet looking back at me shouting ‘What the fuck?! PICK ME!!!! Do you not love me anymore?!’ 

The trouble is I do indeed still love these beauties but Summertime in the UK, and especially in a city, is not for a strapless dress I made out of material purchased in Zimbabwe. My Java print maxi dresses and Hawaiian MuuMuu’s look a little out of place on the Northern Line. And don’t even get me started on a flip flop at Leicester Square station. No. Sadly a crap city Summer needs a different type of styling and a whole rethink of one’s wardrobe.

The bright prints, the floaty skirts and the strappy sandals aren’t being discarded though. Don’t you worry. They’ll still be worn around the house and on that one really hot Wednesday we’ll get at the end of July. Also they’ll be accompanying far flung holidays where there is a lot more appreciation for them. But for now I’m looking to change things up a little and reinvent my seasonal style.

But where to begin I hear all the women reading this cry out?

Firstly divide your wardrobe up into sections. City Summer and Summer Summer. Summer Summer involves all our flimsy beauties. Anything brightly coloured, cut off tiny shorts, halter necks, sacklike crotch airing dresses and sandals that make a loud slapping sound ever step you take. City Summer, on the other hand, includes heavier materials and more muted prints. Longer skirts, sleeved dresses and a sturdier sandal. City summer is where I’m injecting some fresh ideas and I’m starting with linen.



Once a staple with the 50 plus woman who lives in the suburbs, the worlds oldest fabric has been reclaimed by the environmentally conscious. It’s breathable, stronger than cotton and most importantly more sustainable. 2019 sees me looking for midi skirts in double linen. Cool enough to float around in during the day but will keep my legs warm during those East London nights. Also a  vintage sweater plus a linen skirt looks #summerchicrealness




All hail the summer short! Whoop! Now I love a pair of shorts and love even more the fact that the shorts suit is back. Think smart, high waisted, crisp cotton/linen. Have them sit on or just above the knee. For evenings think silk boxers. Who cares if you’ve got to wear a long sleeve AND a jacket on top. You’re essentially wearing trousers….only shorter. Get it?

If like me you find it too hard to step away from prints and patterns then simply think smaller and less bright. Magenta and sunshine yellow hibiscus flowers scream Hawaii ~ Trailing petite roses in rust, olive and soft pink whisper English countryside. Choose a patterned dress with big sleeves as opposed to strappy thin ones. Pick something a little more fitted as opposed to loose and loungy. A classic print with more coverage of your body means you can seamlessly skip from a picnic in St James’ park to last orders in Soho.

How to house the trotter? A closed toe can feel restrictive when it’s 20 degrees outside but more often than not we’re wading our way through overcast, grey days. Thank God the open toed mule has made a return, right? A small enough heel to elevate our feet from the London streets and a suitable enough airing for our rarely seen pedicures. Leave the square toes in the noughties rather go for a classic shape. A mule can easily be worn with those linen skirts we’re dreaming of just as well as our newly purchased knee length shorts. Also, a loose, baggy jean and a heeled mule….Perfection.

Anyone else rethinking their Summer wardrobes? What’s on your revamp list?

Let’s discuss on Tooting common with a bottle of rose. I’ll bring the umbrellas….




August 2013



Staple classics

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After a lovely and very rewarding wardrobe detox this week I found the all too familiar words about neutral classics falling from my mouth and wondered whether I had imparted these pearls of wisdom to my dear Shoelets?  I know you’ve had the do and do NOT’s of proportions and the rules of mixology but the world of staples and those which go with everything are nuggets of advice that every woman needs. My outfit on this sunny Saturday afternoon holds many a tale to tell.


{gifted bretton top from tim, reworked ancient shorts, funkis clogs, diesel sunnies, 29 year old gift coca cola bag}


~ My general rule, which doesn’t always apply, is that when putting an outfit together you should stick to a maximum of three different colours ~

~ Colours of the same hue are classed as one eg. navy, cobalt & cornflower blue are all classed as one ~ 

~ Some very powerful pieces of clothing over rule all of this and can simply be worn with everything ~

~ bretton stripes ~

~ denim ~ 

~ animal print ~ 

~ khaki {thick trench coat ~ 

~ pillar box red ~

~ soft, dove grey ~ 

~ polka dots ~ 

~tan {not brown, big difference. HUGE} accessories ~ 

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer as to why this is the case or actually how I know this but it’s true. I promise you. I wouldn’t lie to you My Shoelets…well, I would about my age but that is the only thing! I would, on occasion, add white to that list but when cream or off white are involved I cross her off the list and leave her till another time.

Try it.

Mix any of the above with any outfit and I promise they’ll work. If they don’t you have my permission to come back and sue me.




April 2013



Back in the saddle

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Last week saw me get back on the old BMX for the first time in 6 months. I’ll be honest ~ my vagina is still recovering but apart from a permanent need to ask for a pillow when sitting down on a wooden chair, I am happy. Happy to be back in the saddle THANK YOU! I’m here all week. My beloved bike is my free ride round town but also my only form of exercise at the moment so I am uber keen to keep this up while we have our 10 minutes of sun this year.  Having said that I’m never a fan of doing things properly and so cycling shorts, trainers and a lycra top will not be donning my bod. No, I simply need to think a little more carefully about what I can cycle in. A stretchy jersey dress and a lightweight jacket did just the trick….oh…and keeping in with not wearing Le tight again until fall ~ a naughty stocking makes an appearance.

Happy Monday y’all….Who’s unpacked their summer clothes yet?

DSC02014{vintage adidas top and dress, dimdi m&s socks, m&s suspenders & wedges}





January 2013



Mira my muse

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January is the start of a brand new year. A new beginning, a change of ones ways. Resolutions are made ~ admittedly resolutions are quickly broken but it’s the thought that counts ~ plans are set and most importantly holidays are booked! Skiing in Spain, a weekend treat to Vienna and a trip somewhere hot, hot, hot is on my agenda. What will I wear?

Besides holidays and a long list of books I want to buy I’ve been thinking about the new changes I want to make to my wardrobe. I think, like I started last year, I want a simpler shape, a sleeker look and a younger face  I certainly want to take more risks. I want to surprise people with my outfits, try new styles and as always feel comfortable in my everyday clothes. Google allowed me to spend a good couple of hours searching for inspiration and then I came across Ms. Miroslava Duma:

{images via}

Dang this girl looks good! She used to be the editor of Russian Harpers Bazaar but now is a freelance writer and set up Buro24/7 {sadly all in Russian} and is a regular on many a street style blog. Now, I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking when you look at mini Mira is that she and I do not share the same body type. I am well aware of our differences {height, shape, colouring, bank balance} but I simply take from her what I know will work for me:

* Denim shorts need not just be for the beach. Remember though, the shorter the short the looser they should be

*NEVER underestimate the power of a heel and REMEMBER that a wedge heel can take you from 8am til sometime in the early hours of the next day.

* A pointy white heel ~ of which I managed to per~chase a pair before Christmas ~ look amazing and will be worn by yours truly A LOT!

* Statement necklace! Statement necklace! Statement necklace!

* No effort, simple hair looks mighty fine.

* A good coat can go a long way {of course I’ve always known this my Shoelets} but a blush coloured, just below the knee coat with a white fur collar and a brooch blows everything else out of the water.

* A little bag, compact bag can carry all we need.

I think she’s my new muse and that I am seriously in love. I love the risks she’s taking, the lengths and different shapes she’s playing with and if I were her friend I would definitely trying and steal that coat….and those black wedges…oh and the matching leopard print heels and clutch and…..

Do you have a 2013 muse? Or a new years clothes resolution? What are your sartorial plans peeps?



August 2012



Tree tings

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{a lone flower left where i take my photos}

This week has been busy but good and what with three Wardrobe Detoxes coming up in the next week I am feeling that there is a change in the air.  The nights are drawing in faster, the evenings a little cooler and Tim’s already started saying she’s looking forward to Autumn/winter fashion.  I’m clinging onto Summer like nobodies business and am sat at a friends in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops {m&s cashmere cardi in my bag!}

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend my Shoelets and I hope you enjoy the Tree Tings that have made me smile this week.

{a swim in the sea at brighton}

{an alternative bowtie}



August 2012



Trois choses

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{gorgeous colours on shop fronts}

This weeks Tree Tings will – of course – have to all be French France related.  What with popping over to Paris to see the gorgeous Lisa Taylor {check out her blog here} for a couple of days I was inspired, amazed and full by the end of it.

Have a great weekend my Shoelets – I wanna hear about sundresses, short shorts, kaftans, sandals, hats and sunnies from all of you. Oh, and don’t forget your SPF – No one looks good burnt to a crisp with a halter neck tan line come Monday morning.

 {sweet treats}

{hanging with sister sister – jumpsuit from anthropologie, funkis clogs}


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