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April 2011



A divided skirt

The sun was pouring through the open door of the shop and the morning air was crisp and fresh.  I had only just turned the sign from closed to open when she breezed in and stood before me.  I felt like shouting:

‘YES Mother F*****! You have nailed it!  Stand in the corner so I can get a good look at that sweet ass of yours!’

Summer fashwarn my friends is one of my all time favourite subjects and what with all this lush weather around my little brain has been going 10 to the dozen thinking up what to wear in the coming months.  On my lunch break on Monday I popped into the fabulous Pop Boutique (Or Popos Boutiqueos as we like to call it) on Monmouth Street and came face to face with a rail of cullotes.

HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Come Back!  Come on keep reading…It’s going to be fine…

I say cullotes, I’m not actually sure I mean cullotes.  What I saw on the rails were wide legged, cropped pants which I understand sounds awful but believe me they’re not. Are they cullotes?  Or are cullotes shorter?  Can I say cullotes one more time cullotes! I went straight over to those bad boys and flicked through at least 8 different pairs of  these ‘things’ and I was hooked.  I knew they’d be what I would be wearing come those sweet balmy summer days. 

They’re normally high-waisted and are so full they look like a midi-skirt…the beauty of them is that they’re not a skirt they’re a cullote-y-type thing…get it?  Are you starting to love them as much as I do?

The luscious lady who graced the shop with her presence this morning was rocking them so badly I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  She was doing ‘summer smart’ which isn’t easy to do.  She had on a simple pair black of ‘ er…excuse me is that a skirt to just about mid calf?’ ‘Why no I’m wearing cullotes!’ A white t-shirt, summer heels and a scarf around her neck.  I thought ‘I shall be channelling you love as I don my maroon cullotes that I already own (£1 from a charity shop) and scour those chazzer shops for more of the same and try and look like this cutie below.’

Alternatively you could attempt to make your own like these fabulous pink ones below. Although I’m not so sure about the grey perm she’s trying to rock?!  I do like her Toms though and appreciate that she’s supporting a good cause.

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