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November 2012



A new crew

Hurricane Sandy may have kept me across the pond for a little while longer than expected {all fine and safe thanks kids!} but a small amount of goodness came out of my extended stay.

I discovered my winter style.

Ever since I had to, extremely reluctantly, pack away my enormous and widely unused array of summer greatness I took out all my {felt like 4} winter pieces.  I didn’t like any of them. All my clothes felt old and tired and just not me anymore.  I was basically in need of  a Wardrobe Detox from someone but seeing as I’m the only person I know who does them I was stuck.  I painstakingly packed up a few items for NYC and then had to wear all 4 outfits for a week! We were hand washing nix in the sink & turning tops inside out.  I’ve never given up on fashion so wholeheartedly and not been bothered about it.

Then I discovered J Crew.

Oh be still my beating heart.  I fell head over heels in love with the place.  I basically found a shop that housed everything I wanted to buy and everything I want to wear this winter.

I’d read about the shop before, seen blog posts about the new collection coming & popped in last time I was in the States but nothing caught my eye.  This time my eye was caught and I was a goner ~ hook, line & credit card sinker.  It is the perfect mix of masculine & feminine of classic & quirky.  There is bright colour everywhere but it’s not outrageous & a leopard print accessory is a staple.  NEED I SAY MORE!  The term ‘preppy’ was always banded around in association with the brand but as a non American I don’t think I fully understand what the word actually means!?

All I know is that opposites attract, it’s what I constantly tell my customers & now J crew has simply brought it home even more for me.

Yes! I do want to wear my sequined pencil skirt with a chunky knit.  

Yes! I will wear my new M&S tapered navy trews with a silk blouse & my new reworked military jacket.

Heels & cropped trews = WINNER!

Stripes, animal print & brocade ~ You had me at J.  

I’m heading upstairs right now {actually once the useless builders sorting out my bathroom have gone} & getting rid of a lot of my current clothes.  It’s not going to be pretty but a serious cull needs to happen so that I can step into winter looking & feeling like me….& not me 2 years ago.

I went into J crew 3 times ~ I’ll share my goodies with you bit by bit ~ and when googling them back in the UK I found their website with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND RETURNS!!!!! Oh I can’t believe it!  Dangerous times ahead.  But dangerous with J Crew simply feels exciting…..a bit like hanging of Daniel Craig’s arm whilst parachuting down the side of the Empire state building. Know what I mean?

It’s good to be back my Shoelets…I hope you’re all looking fabulous, sexy, stylish & awes-balls.  What am I talking about…..I know you are.

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