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March 2012



Africa calling

With spring well and truly here ~ It’s official, Dr. Fox said so on Magic FM so…  ~ in 5 days time I shall be doing some extremely spring like tings:

  • I shall be having a pedicure.  The top of the foot has been exposed of late, the world isn’t quite ready for a full leg but a toe, I feel, is acceptable.  I’m thinking of a classic pillar box red to start me off.
  • I shall be getting my vintage suitcase down from the top of Tiny Wardrobe and will be unearthing my summer clothes.  My winter wares will be packed away again for another year. {See here for tips on storing out of season clothes}
  • I shall be repacking those summer beauties into a rucksack, trying on a load of bikini’s and shall be getting very excited about my upcoming trip to Africa!!!

Bestie From Africa surprisingly lives in Africa, Zimbabwe to be precise, and I am heading over there next week for one last time before she comes home to this island called Unit K in May.

{vintage sunnies, AA cardi, orla kiely stripey longsleeve, gifted remember2morrow dress, tights, office shoes, gifted neon beads, gifted self designed earrings from bestie from africa}

As I decide how many dresses I should realistically take with me I thought I’d get into the mood and dress a little Africa-ca-ca.  This was a gifted dress from Bestie From Africa who has been away so long now that she’s forgotten what my body shape is. She thinks I’m tall and thin. I’m tall but I have a wo-man’s ass and hips and this little beauty is a little short so can only ever be worn with tights.

No tights and I’m auditioning for ‘Geordie Shore’

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