Red shoes, No knickers



April 2012



African adventure

These feet have been across the waters to Africa-ca-ca and have many a tale to tell….

{goa flip flops, reworked gifted top, self-designed skirt, reworked h&m hat, m&s sunnies}

{m&s nighties x 2}

{vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt, self designed jacket, reworked denim shorts {my boyfriend ones i mentioned here} clarks flip flops {my vintage leather visor on matty’s head!}}

{reworked american apparel hoodie and gifted jersey dress, gifted zebra print scarf}

{clarks flip flops}

{reworked dress, bestie from africa’s hat}

{folk sandals, sister with massive laugh’s skirt}

{self designed jacket, forever 21 top}

{reworked denim jacket, reworked vintage dress}

{bestie from africa’s self-designed earrings}

{self-designed playsuit}

{reworked hat, vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt}

{gifted vintage kimono, vintage dress from nyc}

{reworked and gifted dress, kimchi bag}

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