Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



All together now

I’m going to be honest with you my Shoelets…We are all friends by now…

I used to be a man

No!  Not that, I’m telling you that I do struggle with the winter. 

Hauling my ass out of bed in the dark mornings is a chore that I don’t look forward to.  Layering thermals and under garments takes far too long for my liking and finding a waterproof shoe, other than a big old welly, has been a mission of mine for many a year.

On days when all these things hit me at once I have absolutely NO desire to get dressed and my wardrobe becomes an ememy….Well, lets call her a frenemy. However….work calls, errands need to done and clothes must be worn…. 

On those days I simply pile it all on and hope for the best!!

Remember my mixology rules? {take a gander here if not} Well, my bretton stripes and the check of my burberry trench are neutrals and the rest is all within the same colourway so I just about scrape by with an outfit that doesn’t make me look like a crazy bag lady…just….I mean I have got florals, stripes, checks and bright colours all in one outfit so I’m pushing it to the limits!

{grandma wyn’s trench, bretton top from south france, vintage dress, american apparel socks, m&s wedges, orla kiely bag}

And for those of you who think I’ve started wearing tights….think again…..

Hee heee…Shhhh, Don’t tell anyone.  It’s our secret….That and the man thing of course!

Remember this? Instead of Spring Awakening, this time of year it’s Wooley, winter warming….{I do love a bit of alliteration}

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