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April 2013



Second Birthday

Yes my Shoelets, as of last Wednesday Red Shoes No Knickers is a big, fat, terrible TWO! Like I said last year when we were but a mere one year old ~ Thank you.

Thank you for booking Wardrobe Detoxes that are not only fun for me to do for you but are also so liberating and uplifting. For booking Sweet Treats that always bring me pleasure when I get good feedback and manage to acquire regular customers. And thank YOU for reading this News page every week. My word is not gospel I’m so glad you still like my words of wisdom, my thoughts on fashion in the media, style on the streets and the clothes on my back.

I hope you continue to be inspired, you keep shopping your own wardrobe as much as you can and you join in with a debate or two whether it’s about prints from the 70’s or what you like to wear to bed.

What another great year it’s been:

April saw me head back to my one true great love: Africa ~ca ~ca.

Then May saw me on another: Holiday Hiatus.

After the weather went down hill from there I knew I had to: Step it up a gear.

July saw a u turn into something a little: Simpler

While August saw us all come down with: Olympic Fever

The good old D.I.M.D.I was back in September

And a LOT of shoe shopping happened in October

I discovered my NBF in November

December saw me start rising to the: Christmas Occasion 

While January saw me start rising to the: Snowchic occasion

Keeping warm in February saw me don: The headscarf

And finally in March I really had a long, hard look at what I was wearing

RSNK is so lucky to be a business that is growing due to word of mouth so please keep helping to spread/tweet/post/’like’ that good word via any means you see fit {I am all for discussing this service whilst fornicating with another} and follow extra adventures

Here, Here & Here

Thanks my Shoelets ~ Here’s to turning three!

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April 2012



First Anniversary

Yes my dear Shoelets, today is the first anniversary of Red shoes No knickers and what a year it has been.  Thank you to all of you for tuning into the daily news.  For spreading the good gospel word about Wardrobe detoxes and Sweet Treats to all who listened and for making me want to share my knowledge, tricks and tips with you all.

What a year it has been…

April: A rise to the occasion at Yohji Yamamoto

May: The introduction of Tree tings.

June: A lesson in mixology.

July: My love affair with peach continued

August: Everything went short, short, short

September: London Fashion week came to town

October: A little trip across the channel

November: A perfect party D.I.M.D.I

December: Angel delight arrived

January: Another love affair starts with rose, smoke and grass

February: Princess Layer in the snow.

March: Finding my Chic comforts

And now we’ve come full circle.  I hope you’ll stick with me for another year.  You’ll keep commenting, ‘liking’, tweeting and pressing that tiny heart below to see what I have in store, what precious nuggets of sartorial advice I have to share and, most importantly, what shoes I’m going to be buying.

As always….You know how to book yourself in for one of these or these…Get yourself over here and mail me Mo Fo!

LATERS…I’m off to eat cake and celebrate my first birthday.

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