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September 2013



Faded fall fashion


For some reason these ancient ~ and by ancient I mean ohhhhh 15 years old! ~ heels always seem to make an appearance come the end of the summer. As I steer clear of the bright, bold and beautiful colours that make up my favourite season I head towards more autumnal colours and see my wardrobe with a different eye. A more muted palette appears, less skin is on show {much to my disappointment}, & perhaps a more fitted form arises as we head into the last few months of the year. I always have a back to school feeling come September. There is a renewed work ethic and a higher level of concentration {due to less sunbathing time}. It’s time to get down and get on with business!

I’m booking up fast for detoxes as it’s that time of year. If you need me to come help you blow away the cobwebs and unearth a new you then you know where I am:




{gifted wicker bag from zimbabwe, gifted men’s m&s shirt, hobbs pencil skirt, ancient heels from cyprus {see also here}


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June 2013



Inspire me


With my next adventure coming in just over a week I am heading off ~ by train ~ to Berlin for a few days to see a friend and indulge in naked saunas {see here} then I’m heading to Vienna to see my cousin and my brother and finally passing back through my dear, dear Paris on my way home. As I preached here, luggage is important. I shall be taking a small wheelie case for ease off and onto the trains but for my personal items I’m on the hunt for a nice rucksack ~ sporty ones need not apply

ruck rucksacks



fred 1

{all images via google}

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June 2013



Bobbi’s wedding: Travelling gal


{vintage leather handbag from bondi beach market, ancient overnight bag i’ve had for 19 years}

I learnt a few things this weekend my Shoelets and I thought there was nothing I needed to know about planning and packing for a 3 day weekend away.  This particular weekend away happened to be up in the Cotswolds for the much anticipated wedding of my good friend Bobbi.

Of course the wedding day outfit itself is thought of months beforehand. Shoes, hair and handbag for this occasion were pre~planned and discussed in length but the Friday and the Sunday outfits also needed just as much thought.  With the weather app for Bourton~on~the~water on my iphone saying sunshine mit a tiny bit of cloud I knew my outfits had to be summery, adaptable and comfortable.



{vintage jacket from nyc, white cotton top from singapore, self designed skirt, m&s wedges}



{laura lee star diamond stud, hexagonal silver ring and triple diamond ring, large silver earring from spain, triple silver band ring from india}


What I learnt from my 3 day jaunt was this:

1. Getting a wax/mani/pedi/haircut/hairdye and what ever else it is that makes you feel a little more pulled together is SO worth it. I had all of those things done and they made me feel great.

2. Make sure the luggage you take is easily transportable. I had to go from bus to tube to train to bus…my faithful weekend bag and over the shoulder handbag served me well and was easy to carry. NICE. Especially if you have a heel. Nothing worse than tottering along with too big luggage. Been there. Done that. Got the bad back.

3. Going to a three day affair normally means there’s going to be an evening do on the Friday night. Take another outfit. I wasn’t actually bothered that I didn’t have anything to get changed into as it meant I could just carry on drinking in the bar but it would have been nice to freshen up and pop on something a little warmer for the evening.

4. DEFINITELY take a different outfit for the morning of the wedding. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even thought about it! The wedding wasn’t until 3pm so I had to go down to breakfast in my Sunday outfit…and with bare feet! GUTTED!

5……take some more shoes! I had my ever faithful m&s wedges but to put on a heel to go down to breakfast was a little ott!

6. Always pop in a warm layer. Even though the forecast said sunshine and high temps I took my new favourite {see here} and was so grateful I did for 5am on the Sunday morning and for a weary train journey home where we had to stand.


Lessons  learnt for the day of the wedding coming tomorrow……

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November 2012



Etienne Aigner

It seems like someone was answering my sartorial prayers and it just so happens that the bag of my dreams has dropped right into my inbox. HALLO EVERYTHING I WANT IN A BAG!

Checking in with the ever creative and simply fabulous duo of The Glamourai and Jamie Beck, their latest shoot was with a classic bag company that has recently had an injection of modernity into it and is basically everything I was talking about and wanting in a bag here.

There’s a really great history about the brand, which you should read about hereand that wartime story adds a little something to why I’m drawn to these bags.  Story, a classic piece and being well made are a great mix for any product but when it’s something that is used everyday it’s definitely going to be a fabulous talking point.

Another reason why I like these bags, and in particular the one above, is the rich wine coloured leather. It’s a gorgeous colour, that is not only VERY popular this season, but I think is a much softer winter alternative to black.  It’s also the perfect size and shape to hold everything I need when I’m on the go, it’s not logo laden and although not cheap, {just under £250} it’s not ridiculous and  won’t leave me with no rent money.  I think it’s going on the Christmas list!

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November 2012



Introducing CB

Having shared with you my #firstworldproblems aka bag woes here and then read The Glamourai’s beautiful but highly unattainable post about bags here I felt like I would never again find ‘The perfect bag for me’…That was until I popped into Rokit and per~chased by NBF.

While I agree with Kelly’s sentiment with regards to quality over quantity ~ it’s something I tell my clients constantly ~ when faced with £1000 price tag I can totally relate to those thoughts flying out of the window at top speed.  My favourite bag is my Orla Kiely one here and here.  It’s the perfect shape and size for all my bag needs and CB {or crocodile belly as she’s now know} is like OK’s little sister.

When it comes to investment buying and conscientious investments we don’t need to break the bag bank.  This is a reworked piece of leather that Rokit have produced and so not only is CB environmentally sound but she’s also a one of a kind and at a little over £30 highly affordable.  She’ll be out and about on my shoulder real soon.

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October 2012



Just not bag enough

In the middle of a marathon Wardrobe Detox on Sunday my lovely client, Alice, was unhappy to find that each time she splashed out and invested in a designer handbag they seemed to become loved and adored by every woman and her dog and inevitably she started seeing ‘her’ handbag far too often.  In particular she was referring to the Mulberry Bayswater, a bag that is over saturated in our world of bags that it is literally seen on 1 in 3 women’s arms.  I have just made that statistic up but I hope you’ll agree it’s a good one.

She was in a bag crisis #firstworldproblems and I could definitely sympathise.  I’m going through a bag one myself.  I feel like nothing I own is working for my current bag needs #firstworldbagproblems. What I essentially need is a bag big enough to hold all my crap but  what I don’t need is the back pains that come with a such a ‘non exsistent’ bag.

I then thought it might be a wise decision to perhaps invest in a high quality designer bag? Yeah? Grown up and forward thinking I thought.  I then started googling:

I mean WTF is this?

I don’t know whether to laugh or throw it like a frisbee! Karl you tool! This is not helping me and Alice and all the other women out there who are looking for practical, stylish, non branded, good quality bags that don’t weigh a ton BEFORE you’ve but anything in it!!!!! What is this photographers lighting equipment sized bag that could fit at least two small children in it?!? I mean no…just NO!

Of course in an ideal world, one where I win the lottery…twice, I would have the original and most classic of gorgeous handbags the Chanel 2:55 

Only trouble is it’s not big enough to hold my wallet AND my book…and my tupperware full of lunch and my camera and….Uugggghhhhhh. Back to square one.

Any suggestions my Shoelets?

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March 2012



Bag lady

Having posted in my Tree tings that I was looking forward to sorting out my wall of bags this past weekend I have stayed true to my word and did exactly that. TRUE DAT!

Bags are a problem.  As much as we love them, where are we supposed to store them?  No one thought about that when introducing us to the world of Le bag did they?

Getting lost at the top of a wardrobe/underneath a bed/in the downstairs cupboard is a common complaint I see on my Wardrobe Detox travels.  My belief is that they should be seen and most definitely heard.  If you can’t see what you own then you tend to forget and if you start to forget then what’s the point in in having all those gems?

The Glamourai has a beautifully organised wardrobe and her bag trick is basic stationary from Rymans.  Metal book ends for storing folders separate her clutches from her sac magiques.

If you have the space in your wardrobe I would highly recommend this method of storage.  If however, like me, you have space on your walls and you want to see all your gorgeous purchases then another great way is to hang them on your wall.  I’ve done this for years in a couple of houses I’ve lived in but this wall needed a little rejigging.



For my clutches and box bags I do a ‘shop display trick’ and store them in a vintage suitcase I found in a chazzer shazzer for £8.  A favourite of mine when sorting out a client’s wardrobe. {see here and here}

Where do you store your bags my Shoelets?  Any secret display tricks you can share with me?  Tell me I wanna know…..

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