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November 2018



What to do with all our stuff

Last weekend I went to Somerset to help my parents oldest friends clear out ninety three years worth of someone’s precious belongings.

Attached to the side of Terry & Judy’s beautiful cottage, in a hamlet near Yeovil, is an annexe where Terry’s mum Joy lived. She recently passed away and I was heading down to firstly play with the dogs and secondly to help decide what should be done with a lifetimes worth of stuff.

And Boy was there some stuff. Joy had lived and travelled in the far East for a large portion of her life so there were ornaments and artefacts from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand. There was a whole flat full of furniture, so much crockery, cutlery, glassware. Photo albums, books, clothing, accessories, jewellery, paintings….The list went on and the clear out felt endless.

My job was in the bedroom where my wardrobe detoxing eye went straight into work mode. I immediately put aside what I knew would sell on Ebay. The tartan trousers, the houndstooth skirt, the mink coat, the Burberry Mac. The rest I suggested be sold at a car boot. Yes, I know it’s a hassle and things tend to sell for just 50p at the end of the day but something’s better than nothing, right? Waste not want not and all that? One persons trash is anothers treasure?

Terry and Judy had been sorting and distributing and organising for the past few weeks and were starting to feel the fatigue. They wanted the stuff gone. They wanted the flat clear so they could rent it out and they wanted to move on. Sifting through a family members belongings and revisiting old memories is hard and it’s sad and it can be exhausting. They didn’t have the time or the inclination to stand at a car boot and haggle over whether Joy’s Peacock mixed polyester blouse should be sold for £2 or £2.50.

Once family and friends have taken what they want. When they’ve left with what they deem to be useful or memorable what happens to the rest of the stuff? Where do we put it all? Stacey Dooley’s recent BBC programme ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ revealed that in the UK alone we dump 300, 000 tons of clothing in landfill every year. Charity shops see a sharp increase of donations in January when we offload 73 000 tons worth of clothing. And that’s just clothing. That doesn’t include the rest of our stuff.

Oh God, STUFF! What are we doing with all this stuff? Why do we need it? If last weekend showed me anything it showed that we’re holding onto things so that someone else can be exasperated by having to wade through it all once we’re gone. Don’t get me wrong. I have stuff. I have boxes of photo albums, no doubt far too many clothes, old letters that I’ve read, books that I haven’t. I have a suitcase full of my teenage stuff still in my parents attic that, much to my Father’s dismay, I am choosing to ignore for the time being. The amount of stuff I alone have is overwhelming. And I’m just about to obtain more stuff this Christmas. A list has gone out to my siblings of things I want. More things I, of course, don’t need but do think I would benefit from because YES, a spoon rest for when I’m cooking is important in my kitchen at the moment. {See Middle Class Mockery}

I’m not immune to the allure of surrounding ourselves with items that bring us joy, are aesthetically pleasing or that comfort us. I’m also not disillusioned into thinking I’ll never buy anything new ever again. None of us are and it would be silly to suggest otherwise. But there are ways we can do it without contributing to more landfill and collating more stuff for others to deal with when we’re gone.

Tried and tested tactics include ~ One in one out. Bought a new coat/dress/pair of shoes? Lose something from your current wardrobe. Your wardrobe stays manageable and you start to become more aware of what you’re purchasing.

EbayEtsy, second hand shops, auction houses are where plenty of previously owned bargains can be found. Don’t like the idea of ‘vintage or antique’? That’s fine. New items or only lightly used items can still be found on the net. It takes time to find them but I know you can do it.

Freecycle! What a beautiful idea. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighbourhoods. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Resell, recycle, regift ~ Have you exhausted every possibility of all that stuff you no longer want? Would a friend benefit from it? Can you rework it and make it into something else? Can you sell it and make money from it? YES! Just think about that. Cold hard cash in the palm of your bank account to spend on…..well, probably more stuff but you get my point!

Landfill is full. Charity shops can only sell so much. Recycling is happening but not as fast as we’re consuming. Your children/sibling/cousin/a stranger does not really want to wade through your wares so let’s start to rethink shall we? Let’s start to reduce, reuse, recycle, resell, regift….

I’m off to trawl through Ebay.

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July 2013





June 2013



Bobbi’s wedding


I loved my outfit for Bobbi’s wedding so much.

As I’ve said before {see here} the 60’s are not a decade in which I generally seek out it’s clothing and accessories but….times change my Shoelets, times change. With an ever~expanding~non~decreasing~30~something~ year~old~pot ~belly and a reading to do at the ceremony I headed straight for the gym. I side stepped the gym and jumped into the pool with both feet ~ YEAH!  I had 2 weeks and I worked hard on those legs. With a touch of sun on them from the beautiful weather we had last week I was ready to release these bad boys into the world in a sexy, sweet 60’s shift dress. As I explained here, I love getting my legs out when it’s warm and if I don’t do it now I’m certainly not going to be doing it in 5, 10 years time!


{vintage dress from blackout, barrett’s heels that are 15 years old,chazzer shazzer clutch} 


With big plans to make a fabulous floral head band I was sorely disappointed when I simply couldn’t get my hands on any decent black flowers. ANYWHERE! Everything looked too tacky and cheap so I went with a simple black ribbon around a high bun which in the end was better for the weather and the wild dancing. I was fine with my choice of bunnage until on the Friday night someone asked me what hat I would be wearing as ‘you always do a good hat’ GUTTED! I’m always up for an occasion when something on the top of your hat doesn’t make you look like a plum {see here and here}


What I learnt from this wedding:

1. Make sure what you wear is right for the temperatures of the day. I was really pleased with my dress as it had sheer sleeves ~ perfect for a warm/cool in the shade day. NO jacket required and DEFINITELY NO CARDI! No cardi’s at wedding’s please people! Always a jacket if you have to have a cover up.

2. A double lathering of moisturizer on the legs goes a long way. Slap it on. Slap it on again 20 minutes later. Legs as smooth as a babies bum!

3. WEAR AN SPF! Due to a very early arrival at the venue, an outside ceremony and then a long wait in the sun their were a lot of red faces come Sunday morning.

4. Your handbag needs to contain the following items:

* Make~up ~ Later on a top up or even a revamp is always needed.

*Deodrant ~ I failed on this account but Bestie From The TV came up trumps with a bottle of perfume that I sprayed directly onto my dress. problem solved.

* Tissues ~ didn’t take nearly enough for the amount of crying I did.

* Paracetamol ~ enough for at least 4 people who will undoubtedly ask you for something to kill a headache.

* Gum or a tooth brush ~ a lot of champagne/cigarettes/hog roast baps and 4 hours of dancing leads to bad times in the mouth.

5. Your shoes are the one big thing that you need to get right. Even if your hair is a disaster, your dress creases, you get sereve pits or your hat leaves a mark on your forehead ~ if your shoes are comfortable and can last you for 12 hours then nothing else matters. Up close my 15 year old heels are painful and battered, from a far and on a dance floor they’re priceless.


GO forth and enjoy your summer weddings my Shoelets ~ You’re armed with all you need to know.

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June 2013





Finally the spring is back in my step as I get to really use the most favourite part of my wardrobe: My summer clothes. HALLEJUJAH! My self designed cute sailing print jacket that comes as part of a suit {see here}, Sister With Massive Laugh’s navy halter neck from when she was 15 {I like it because when wearing it with no bra my boobs look really good. She doesn’t like it because when wearing it with no bra her boobs look like they’ve had an arguement} and my chazzer shazzer leopard print skirt that was a bargionous £1. {Also seen here}

Oh I do love to play in the fruits of my closet. Nothing new, nothing borrowed, a lot of tings blue ya see!

Mixology at it’s very best.


{self designed jacket, gifted halter neck, forever 21 elastic belt, chazzer shazzer belt, m&s sandals}


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May 2013



Rise to the occasion: Princess layer


When a free trip to the theatre {went to see Book of Mormon kids ~ GO SEE!!!} has been on the cards for a while but the weather of Great Britain is sticking a big two fingers in your face there’s only one thing to do:

Emigrate Layer up!

I couldn’t put tights on because I’d told my good self that I wasn’t going to wear tights again until Autumn so the leggage had to be out but the sweet, sweet body was layered up my Shoelets, layered up! Thermal vest, petticoat, dress, cardiganos, kimono, coat, scarf…this weather ain’t got shit on ma style! Don’t let  it get you down either.



{chazzer shazzer coat, gifted scarf & kimono, american apparel yellow cardi, vinatge dress & heels, orla kiely bag}


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April 2013



Simple 60’s style


Last week I put half my winter coats into storage and the other half on the dining room table where they will stay until I can be bothered to head 9 minutes up the road to the dry cleaners or they get stolen. Once that is done, they too will be put away into storage {lessons on how to store hardcore are here} Due to the ridiculously low temperatures that we are still experiencing you might think that I am being a god damn fool for putting my Winter warmers into hibernation. NEVER. Never my Shoelets.

I will always like cashmere and thermal vests which means I can happily, willingly and warmly move onto my collection of Spring coats. The jackets I have covered {see here, here and here} but the coats I own surmount to a mere three. I know guys, it’s not many, but it’s all I need and they do me just fine. The first is my beloved Grandma Wyn’s trench that I chopped up and took in that get’s a LOT of wear {here, here & here} The second is my Apricot Chazzer Shazzer find that I love {see here and here} but the third I have not shown your sweet peepers and it’s about time I did.

Step forward my 60’s style Simpleton. I per~chased this beauty nearly 10 years ago now from a vintage store in New York. It is so classic and simple which are not words you would initially think of to describe my style but…I love it and it always get’s compliments. Actually this time I wore it I didn’t get any compliments but I can only assume that was because everyone’s heads were facing down due to bastard rain.


{vintage coat & brogues, m&s cashmere joomp, chazzer shazzer skirt, tights, kimchi bag, d.i.m.d.i scarf}



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April 2013



I like to lunge


I feel very statuesque in this picture. Like I should be stuck on a plinth in Trafalgur square. Granted I haven’t stood like this all day but I wanted to show you that this is the kind of  semi~lunging/stancing that happens when I done a pair of culottes.

Remember them from WAYYYYY back? When I was planning to wear them here and then I actually did wear them here? Having had this easy~come~easy~go pair for almost a decade now I love digging them out of my wardrobe and when I wear them I feel comfy, casual and have no problems in cracking out the great queue~lots stance. Try it. Very liberating.


{hobbs cardigan, american apparel tee, forever 21 belt, £1 chazzer shazzer culottes, tights, office heels}



{Help! my leg shrunk!}

Should you have or wish to take a photo of yourself performing this infamous Queue~lots stance then please feel free to join Tim over on RSNK’s FB page. Would love to see your work.

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March 2013



Wardrobe detox case study 3:


{hiya fire!}

When one of my very first clients, Maddy, asked me to come and see her again I was intrigued. I’d only sorted out her wardrobe a couple of years before but a lot had changed in that time. I’d become a fully blown James Arthur fan & Maddy had given birth. She also moved house, acquired a dog the size of a small pony and now lives in an area where there is a very fine line between trying to dress like a cool mid~30’s girl {we’re still officially girls up until 87 years old. FACT} and yummy mummy who drives a Range Rover. What with her day to day shenanigans ~ and let’s call them shenanigans with a small gal and a big dog in tow ~ taking on a different form these days she realised her style had changed and her wardrobe needed to aswell.

As I did with the other Wardrobe Detoxes I’ve shown you here & here I firstly had to start by clearing out her closet and tidying up!









A lot of clothes were bagged for the chazzer shazzers as well as to be sold on Ebay ~ Always nice to make a profit out of  your old clothes that you don’t want any more eh? Waste not want not!


Then with what was left in her wardrobe we thought about new outfits that were adaptable, stylish and would work with her new lifestyle:

* Comfort ~ main priority for her & her busy lifestyle.

*Warm ~ joint main priority ~ no more sheer blouses for this gal.

*High~waisted trousers & skirts ~bending down to pick up a 3 year old is ass crack showcasing central and is NEVER a good look. NEVER!

*Age appropriate clothing ~ Living on the outskirts of London in a child heavy/waitrose loving/daily dog walking area can lead to a certain uniform amongst mother’s and we were very careful that she did slip into that group.

*A Heel ~less exsistance~ At 5’11” she doesn’t like to tower over her partner unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not many are fans of the Bernie Eccelstone look.

It was clear that while she did have a few things left to work with a shopping spree was in order. Shopping can be daunting at the best of times but with a strict and concise list of what to get you can be in and out of those shops with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Maddy seems so happy with her new wares she thought it was ok to text me at 9.25am on a Saturday:

“…went shopping yesterday and took every bit of your advice. Love love love the high~waisted jeggings (denim, black, grey), cashmere top (so warm!), and structured cardis you recommended (stripy, navy and black). Also bought THE red shoes which are quite something but I’m going for it, as shoes are definitely an issue.  I just need to work on casual footwear which doesn’t make me look like Mrs Golf-club-legs so will try the trainers you suggest”

Even though it is never ok to text me before noon at the weekend and I have no idea who Mrs Golf~club legs is I think it was a job well done. I’m patting myself on the back as I tip tip type away.

If you need a helping hand with your current wardrobe and/or changing lifestyle then you know where to find us:

Here ~ Here ~ Here

Call me…..just not before noon.

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January 2013



D.I.M.D.I: From 90’s to teens

Every time I looked at this BCBG Maxazria leather skirt I saw the 90’s flash before my eyes. I saw Victoria Adams {As she was then!} wearing it with buffalo boots, a halter top and cropped spikey hair. I just couldn’t go there. I tried to Ebay it but there were no takers and I foolishly put it in the Chazzer Shazzer pile. I can’t remember what it was exactly that sent a lightening bolt straight through my forehead and made me want to lob the bottom off but I decided to do it myself,  didn’t I and that’s what I’ve done!

Due to the fact that there was no one else in the house when I started cutting I needed to find a reliable method of measuring exactly where I wanted to make the first incision. I went for a folded A4 envelope that was within arms reach. Professional & faff free. Winner.

The great thing about leather is that it’s so smooth and easy to cut AND it doesn’t fray. There is a small lining at the top of the skirt but where I was chopping was simply pure animal hide and was super easy to cut. Not wanting to go even further back in the decades I decided against a short leather mini and opted for my most flattering length ~ just below the knee. From ’93 to 2013 in the snip of a pair of scissors.

{vintage coat, gifted shirt & american apparel cardi, d.i.m.d.i leather skirt, tabio tights, anthropologie boots, m&s sunnies}

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January 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Snowchic

When I woke on Friday morning and drew back the curtains to see no blanket of snow I felt cheated. Then I turned on the radio and realised that was reserved for Lance Armstrong. I did actually tweet that joke last week but I’m so proud of it I thought it needed a second outing. Here’s hoping it gets retweeted 10 000 times like @d_whitehouse’ s joke!

Twoking {Tweet joking? Does it work?} aside I was gutted with the lack of snow as I had planned the above outfit in my head just the night before….NOT TO FEAR! Half an hour later and the snow was coming down faster than posters for Viva Forever! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! The January boredom blues have vanished as I am having to Rise to the Occasion and you know me my Shoelets, I do love an occasion. Last year I showed you all how to dress for a day in the snow but I realised it was a play day in the snow ~ walking, snowball fights, building an enormous snowcock & balls {Don’t even think I didn’t do it!} ~ but what about when it’s snowing and we need to head into town to work, serve customers and then make a date at the cinema to see Les Mis?

Fear not. I am here to walk you through my entire outfit and show you how warmth & style can live happily together in an over priced one bedroomed flat in London Town. Fun I know:

*Thermal vest {m&s} & tights {tabio} ~ I DO love a thermal {see here} & especially a thermal that you can tuck into your tights. Unattractive but who cares when your back is toasty warm.

* Cotton long sleeve {gifted} & petticoat {£1. chazzer shazzer} ~ Never underestimate the power of a petticoat. Extra warmth as well as protection against an itchy skirt.

* Cashmere joomp {j crew} & wool skirt {vintage} ~ I’ve said it before but once you’ve gone cashmere, you’ll never look back. Warm, luxurious & sexy as hell when someone you like is hugging you!

* Stockings {cut off m&s tights} & suspender belt {m&s} ~ Weren’t expecting those were you!

* The bear coat {gifted from ex~boy’s nan}, belt {chazzer shazzer} & boots {natural shoe store} ~ These hardcore’s are some of my favourites. Due to the fact they’re used primarily for extreme’s they don’t get as big an airing as they should but when they come out I know I’m sorted. You don’t get warmer than fur & a warm, dry boot with a good grip goes a long way.

* Hat {crown cap}, scarf {gifted} & mittens {accesorise} ~ I’ve explained to you my love of a good set of accesorises. Check it out here if you missed that lecture.

How’s your layering going my Shoelets?

Any disaster’s? Truimphs? Not even bothering?

Who’s been out in head to toe ski gear?

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