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May 2012



Simply. Can’t. Wait…

It’s going to be a Hawaiian summer all round my Shoelets.

The print is literally spilling out everywhere from Topshop’s collaboration with Maarten Van Der Horst to Cheryl Cole’s jacket in her latest video.  I’ve long been a fan of the print, check out last summer’s island fun here, and simply couldn’t wait for the scorching temperatures to wear it again.

Bit of layering here, a leather jacket there…We’re good to go. Don’t let the most miserable spring stop you from wearing your prints, your  patterns and, of course, your splashes of colour.  Go forth, my Shoelets, and dress yourself head to toe in some kickass colourful costumes!

{vintage dress (last worn here), leather jacket and sunnies, hobbs cardi, forever 21 belt, m&s socks, beau coops booties}

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September 2011



Happy in my Hawaiian

Ohhhhh…I do seem to be having a hawaiian moment!  Well, I mean I have on a hawaiian skirt here and I wore a hawaiian dress here so if that’s a moment then so be it!

I am a very lucky gal in this world becasue, as I have mentioned quite a few times, I happen to know the beautiful Ms. Kaspia Calpso.  If you are not familliar with her fabulousness then I strongly urge you to check out my post  about her here and her travel scribbles here.  For her honeymoon her, and her petite famille, jetted off to Hawaii for a month and I was very privelleged to recieve a package in the post all the way from far across the waters housing this amazing skirt.

It came in it’s own cotton bag! How cool is that?  I hung it on my wardrobe door though and all summer long it’s been looking at me saying

‘I need to be worn Mother F***er!!!’

WHOA THERE HAWAIIAN!!!  Language…She’s so rude!  But she gets away with it because she’s so bootiful!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

{m&s shirt, sunnies and shoes, gifted skirt from hawaii}

What with it being late September I couldn’t go balls out summer summer with her ass so teamed her with an oversized autumnal shirt, a closed toe shoe and a bad ass arm party…Eh Voila!! Me be very happy in my hawaiian.

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September 2011



Higher with the Hawaiian

{vintage NYC dress}

I bought this beauty when I was in New York at the beginning of this year. I was attracted to it because of two things

a) The colours and print – totally my colours and I have trouble resisting a floral print as you’ll see here, here and here!

b) My friend Kass – She was on her honeymoon in Hawaii at the time and she must have been on my mind.  I was thinking of her swimming in the sea, with lei’s around her neck and dressing up a storm.  Check her travels here.

I knew that I wanted to take it up when I bought it, it came to just above my ankle, but what with a pleat at the back it sat in my mending pile all summer.  Not wanting to leave it till next summer before her big showcase I took her to Sommerset so that Jude – seamstress, cook, gardeneer, artist extrodinaire – could help me with the hem.  She cut it and then pinned it to the right length for me….

Showed me how to hem it with an invisible stitch….

Eh Voila!  Fab new length for me to wear!

All I needed to do was add some socks and boots….

Wrap myself in my cashmere….

…add a wool scarf and I was ready to go blackberry picking!

Have you booked yourself a discounted Wardrobe detox yet?  If not jump to it!  Drop me a line here.

– 2 weeks to get your 20% off –

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September 2011



She wore a flower in her hair

I totally believe in the power of dressing up.

I’m not talking 80’s power dressing like Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl (alhtough I do LOVE that film!) I’m talking about looking good and feeling good.

Sometimes life can be tough…The weather’s crap, we don’t get the payrise we wanted, the boys we like turn out to be too good to be true eg not true at all and sometimes ‘the L word’ aka soft lesbian porn for heterosexual women, suddenly stops turning up at 10pm every night on Skylivingloves. 

These days can be hard.  I’m with ya. 

I hear ya sisters (and a few stray brothers if you’re out there)  So, in my expert advice*, what I suggest at times like these is to open your wardrobes, blow away those cobwebs, rummage in those draws and find that piece of clothing that you know makes you happy and that makes your friends smile….

…then stick a flower in your hair.

(vintage dress from sydney, my mother’s belt form stanley market in HK, reworked denim jacket, orla kiely bag, vintage sunnies, m&s wedges)

It works my darling Shoelets…It really does.  This outfit made Tim smile everytime she looked at the pink flowers adoring my body and my hair.  Also, the magnificence of the bun impressed her so much, she bought me a glass of wine…so….you know….(Michael) Winners all round!

Now…Business…Who hasn’t done yesterdays quiz shown here!  If not, why not…Come on! Go!!  Now…Go do quiz….

*Expert according to myself…and Tim, although I make her say it.

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April 2011



Colour me happy, there’s a sofa in here for 2!

Now I love print and colour and floral patterns to a slightly ridiculous level.  I can do head to toe print on print with a wild colour invvolved without a problem but for some reason lately I have been drawn to prints and colours that I haven’t necessarily liked in the past.

I’ve just popped around the world (As you do!) and when I was in Australia in November I picked up a gorgeous black summer dress dotted with hot pink hibiscus

It’s not the flower print that I don’t go for it’s the colour.  I like my blues and greens and often yellow and oranges but don’t tend to like the hot colours – Fuschia, Turquoise, Aubergine.  Fast forward to last month and I just came back from seeing Sister With Massive Laugh on Broadway in NYC BABY!!

Early one morning I checked out the Hells Kitchen flea market on W39th str between 9th and 10th Ave – I was staying right next door!  I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and so  knew that I needed to make wise choices.  For some reason I keep coming back to this deep purple and hot fuschia cotton summer dress.

It’s not my normal choice of colour but I loved the style of it.  It’s a little bit too big but I like that as it’s so easy to wear.  When I’m hot I don’t want any restrictions – No tight belts, No tops that you have to tuck in, no too short skirts that you can’t sit down in without flashing a handfull to the person sitting opposite you.  The rich colours really applied to me this time, maybe because Project ginger (More on this later..) is here to stay and being a red head now everything about me is lighter(Used to have very dark brown hair)  and I’m drawn to different colours that suit me.

Really into painted fingernails at the moment too and Flatmate has a ‘No Toe and Finger matching’ rule so I’ve embraced her madness and love it!

I’m not normally so matchy matchy but what with the sun shining and the invitation of a BBQ I thought ‘Come on you old slag, get your purple and pink gear on!’  Not that you can see it, and not that I’m going to show you but I have purple and pink underwear on too!

(Beyond Retro sunglasses, Flea market Dress, Funkis clogs from Australia, Indian ankle bracelet, H&M nail varnish on my fingers and Barry M on my toes.)

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