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May 2012



Silky Spanish Souvenir

I’m not a big shopper.

It may surprise you with all the outfits I seem to come up with.  I will pop into a few shops on a lunch break or I’ll visit a Chazzer Shazzer when I pass one but I don’t actively like heading out shopping.

That is until I go on holiday.  Finding a sweet little something from a far off land always makes me happy as I know no one else will have the same thing and it’s holiday money which in my mind is not real money!

{new m&s jacket, only hearts top last seen here, new trews, kimchi clutch, ancient barrets heels}

I really wasn’t expecting to come across something in sleepy little Jerez but when I stumbled across a souvenir shop that was a little different I went shopping galore.  As well as these trousers that were 15 euros I picked up a gorgeous light weight black embroidered kaften and two pairs of silver earrings – one for me, one for Sister With Massive Laugh.  Happy days!

If you missed out on my Spanish break away then catch up on my Holiday Hiatus here.

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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ El fin

Spain’s heat and clear blue skies, it’s pink bougainvillea and it’s purple jacaranda trees were the perfect accessories to my carefully chosen costumes….of hand luggage only. 10kg limit!  God it’s tough but it makes you think harder about what you’re going to take with you. Check out here, here and here to see how I packed…

{gifted dress last seen here, new m&s sunnies}

{D.I.M.D.I hair piece}

In Jerez, deep down in the South where I was staying, it’s known for it’s Tio Pepe sherry, it’s elegant horses and a load of old bull…

{hat from a small shop in covent garden, boobtube from singapore, may skirt last seen here}

When the heat relented ~ slightly ~ a trip into town ensued to search out the most typically Spanish restaurant we could find.

I dressed as the entertainment….Well….When in Rome Spain…

{gifted shawl, dress from cyprus, grandma wyn’s velvet embroidered evening bag, ancient heels from barrets}

Seville with it’s sweltering temperatures and it’s grand ‘mushroom’ was a day trip out for my birthday…my 28th birthday that was…

{vintage dress last seen here, gifted leather handbag, m&s sunnies and heels}

My final day was spent where I could have stayed for hours on end….by the sea….

{m&s cossie}

Until we meet again Spain….

Ps.  Next time I’ll bring my castanets….Adious…

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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ Tres

{hobbs cardi, vintage dress, m&s sunnies, bag from cyprus, orla kiely suitcase}

And I’m off…..

My bags are packed, my euros bought and my nails painted….Spain awaits me. 

I shall be back on Tuesday, My Shoelets.  In the meantime enjoy the sun, get yourselves a pedicure and tan safely.  No one wants strap marks and an over ripe plum face come Monday morning.

Adious Mes Amigos!

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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ Dos

Like I said here when on holiday more photos are taken of you than at any other time. {well, unless you’re Lindsey Lohan and then you’re papped all the time.  You’re not Lindsey are you?}  With that in mind your travel wares need to be fabulous, fanciful and frikkin’ great. I say this many many times to my clients

‘YES! Take your best clothes when you go on holiday because clothes are like children ~ they need attention otherwise they start crying’

Its safe to say that in this country our summer clothes get the least amount of  air time ~ Sunny Spain or wherever it is you’re off to – boiling St Barths or crackling with heat Crete – this Holiday Hiatus FINALLY is their air time.  Choose them wisely, pack them carefully, pap them beautifully and love them long timerly.  Don’t choose a favourite though as it can cause jealousy.

A few goodies I’m taking with me….

{flamenco fire red cotton skirt from topshop, embroidered cool indian cotton white vest from little india in singapore}

{tan leather sandals from m&s, barrets strappy black heels, sequinned flip flops from india}

{vintage floral reworked cotton dress ~ see here}

{vintage leather box bag ~ last used here}

{vintage embroidered evening dress}

{gifted spanish style scarf, vintage sunhat}

{may full cotton skirt, gifted tooled leather handbag from burma}

{assortment of flowers for the hair}

When in Spain eh?…..Time to get packing….

To be continued…..

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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ Uno

Do you have a Sweet treat coming up?

An event that requires an incredible outfit or even an array of costumery?

A wild and wonderful wedding?  A big birthday with a rocking party attached?  An exciting, adventure filled holiday or a lazy, relaxing break away?

Chances are that on all of these occasions more photos will be taken of you than on your average Saturday afternoon therefore what you’re wearing needs to make you look and feel your very best.

Working with what you already own and by either adding new delights or restyling from your current wardrobe we will find an outfit or a whole suitcase full of goodies that will make you feel stylish, comfortable and above all will make you look fabulous for that sweet treat ahead.

That’s what I’m offering you, My Shoelets,  when you sign up for a Sweet Treat with Red Shoes No knickers.  

These last few days I have been sweet treating myself as I am heading to the South of Spain on Wednesday for some much needed sun and a break away to recharge my batteries and see some family.

Naturally my wardrobe, and what will fit into hand luggage only, is a priority.

When heading off for a Holiday Hiatus the first thing that I think about is ‘where am I going and how can I rise to the occasion?’  With Spain I think of flamenco flair, fanciful fans, flowers  in the hair, full skirts,velvet bolero jackets, gold lame applique, pure white heat, lace bodies and embroidered shawls…

{all images sourced from the t’internet. top photo of the gorgeous jamie beck}

With all these things in mind I head to my wardrobe to see what I can source…

To Be continued….

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May 2012



Tree tings

{day one in morrocco}

The Tree tings that have been getting me very excited this week are someone else’s holiday!  The gorgeous Glamourai and her extremely talented sidekick Jamie Beck have just been to Marrakesh for a few days as research for an upcoming project.  Their adventures, and more importantly, their outfits look amazing.  This little travel journal of their first three days has got my head spinning and my hand scribbling as I start planning for my holidays YIPPPPPEEEE!!!

South of Spain here I come!  I’m heading away next week for a wee birthday break and I can’t wait to share my travel and packing tips with you all.  I hereby name next week – Holiday Hiatus week – and I can’t wait to show you all what I shall be rolling neatly and placing in my case, why I’m taking it and how many pairs of shoes I can fit into hand luggage only.

Click on each link under the photos to check out their adventures….

{the glamourai on day two}

{jamie on day three}

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