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May 2013



Peachy treats


As I mentioned here my underwear drawer is in dire need of an injection of sexual summit summit. Every time I open it up I feel like I’m looking into a barrel of second hand knickers in a charity shop.  To describe them as the dregs would be an understatement. NOT ANYMORE! I headed to M&S with my £5 voucher from when I took my pieces in for Schwopping and treated myself to some basics {a pack of massive apple catchers and a pack of thongs. black. cotton. staple. love ’em} as well as this peach sweet dream of a treat.



You know I love anything peach and a matching set with a discount is even better.

‘What’s the point in telling us about a discount that’s past and gone?!?’

I know! Seems stupid doesn’t it? Almost as if I’m rubbing your noses in it?

I’M NOT!!!! I would never do that my Shoelets….there’s still a chance to get some mullar off your new undies.

Head to any M&S & pick up one of their little brochures like below. On the back is the chance to get £5 off when you spend £30 or more on underwear…YEAHHHHHH!!!! Back in the game!


Offer last until Wednesday 22nd May so hurry on down.

I’m getting my second lot of lingerie with this discount too.

Winner, winner my new underwear makes me look like a sinner! YEAH!

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October 2012



Hand me down denim

{tim in la peche jean}

Getting rid of and moving on with clothes doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Everything changes ~ our style, our circumstances, our bodies and sometimes those clothes simply go to better homes where there is more wear for them to be had.  I love my new baggy La peche jeans courtesy of a clear out from Tim. Tanks my friend.

With the addition of a heel, a girly hairdo do and  a vintage Yves saint Laurent printed quilt jacket {another gift from Tim} I was rocking these jeans for two days straight.

{gifted jacket and jeans, monsoon tee, d.i.m.d.i scarf, m&s heels, kimchi leather bag}

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August 2012





August 2012





August 2012



The dream team

From a see through peach number….

…to a punchy little playsuit…

…to a D.I.M.D.I summer treat….

…to a gifted soft knit

The dream continues.

La Peche dream that is that I have long since had a love affair with.

Step up to the plate please my latest addition.

Weighing in at a mere £10 sale bargain from vintage store Rokit but originally hailing all the way from Mr. Ralph Lauren in the United states of America


Welcome my child.  You will be loved. Amen.

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April 2012



A happy return

As I said here, little by little my flesh is being revealed and warmed by these amazing early spring temperatures.  Long may it reign!  As I head off for my first pedicure of the year and to stock up on factor 50 for this 30+ year old face I turn to my much loved and documented colour ~ La  peche ~ which actually translates into fishing in French but for this instance it’s PEACH!  My love affair started when The Great Mane turned ginger and last summer ended up being a peach bonanza {See here, here and here!}

{vintage summies, gifted joomp and bangles, orla kiely cropped trews and bag, m&s wedges}

Tim gave me this gorgeous joomp and I love the unusual neck line.  The bottom half of the leg is out but a thin knit is still needed for these cool nights.  Nothing worse than blue skin finishing off a look!

What’s your favourite colour that you like returning too?  Let me know?

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July 2011



A passion for peach.

I am going to apologise now guys for yet ANOTHER post on le peach.  I’m sorry but I just can’t get enough of this colour.  Everywhere I go I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, a dog to a crotch, a fly to a shit.

As you can see here and here I have already shown you little peach numbers that I adore and here is lucky number three….last one for a while I promise.

 A simple cotton dress that was passed onto me by Tim.  She’d had it a while (not sure where she per-chased it) but it was a little ‘mum’….You know what I mean, the length can be difficult, the shape was a little unflattereing and had I not styled it right people would think I was a mum from the country.  However, I love a challenge and I hate a waste and I really liked the detailing on the back…..

(hobbs cardi, gifted peach dress, maman’s old beaded belt from stanley market in hong kong) 

The wooden buttons just gave it that little extra je ne sais quoi (Who’s just been to France?! Moi?) and once I’d teamed it with a beaded belt and some nice heels that ‘mumness’ was outta there and back into the country along with a village fete and a horse riding daugther called Funella.

Another thing that it didn’t have going for it was it’s colour.  As posted here, le beige is a tricky colour.  Incredibly draining and well….just dull!  The dying was calling me!!! 

I tell you I searched high and low for this peach dye as it’s out of stock!  Dylon doesn’t do it anymore but I eventually found a hand dye (for a cotton dye I would have definately used a machine one) on some timid ancient website that sold shoe polish and ordered the beauty.

 Now, I am going to be honest with you here, we are all friends, and tell you that I actually had to dye it twice.  The first time I guessed how much six pints of water was as I had already put the dye into my one measuring jug! DUH! I was dying an old faded, yellow cushion cover as well and when they came out there wasn’t that much of a difference in colour.  I reordered the dye, take 2 involved the right amount of water and I left in in there for double the amount of time.

Love the new peachy passion dream dress that I now own and, as always, love the power of the dye.  It’s a revolution I tell you!!!

Anyone else attempted The Dye recently?  Let us know how it goes?

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July 2011



Each peach, pear, plum….

For my birthday I treated myself to this fab jumpsuit (here) but I also bought this playsuit, both from the Beloved Rokit.  I’ve been wanting to wear it for a while but two factors were getting in the way

a) The weather was, literally, pissing on my playsuit parade

b) There were pearl buttons and random lace attached!?

A true 80’s piece of clothing if ever there was one!  Now, I had found a playsuit that fit my long body just fine, was in my colour de jour (also seen here) and I wasn’t going to let a little tweaking get in my way.  If you can tell a piece of clothing only needs a stitch here or there then I say go for it.  If what needs doing is more than you’re capable of and you’re going to have to pay someone to alter it then you need to weigh up whether the cost of the repairs added to the cost of the item is worth it.

As mentioned here I found PERFECT replacement buttons in Paris in a small market…

….the lace was merely tacked on and so very easy to unpick….

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

New peach playsuit: DONE!

(reworked rokit playsuit, m&s heels)

Apricot nails, a peach playsuit, neon pink tootsies all washed down with a blush and some super sweet treats…

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June 2011



Lovely darling, but I can see your knickers.

Last week I was very naughty, went to the beloved Rokit on my lunch break and came back with a pair of leather shorts (post here), a beautiful silk blouse and this peach dress. I am suddenly obsessed with the colour peach and am drawn to it like a fly to fresh shit.  Took this beauty off the rail, tried it on and saw that it was completely see-through….Mmmmm…Would Ihave to wear a slip? a petticoat and vest?

Naaaaaaaaa…If  you’ve got it flaunt it and my 50’s style undewear was out there for all the world to see.

(m&s underwear and heels, vintage dress)

I love this kind of dress.  It commands a double take, a look of ‘Is she?…Can I see her knickers?’ and is worthy of naughty giggles from passersby but the style of the dress is still demure and very comfortable to wear.  I know however it’s the kind of dress my mother would hate.  The first thing she’d say would be something like

‘Darling, do you know that your underwear is showing? Your brother’s embarressed and should we pass Geoff from down the road, I fear he may relapse with another minor heartattack.  I don’t want to have to take him to the hospital this time as James Martin is on tonight’

And to that I would reply

‘Yes, Maman, I do know.  But if Ms. Bradshaw can do it….’

‘…then so can Ms. D.’

(vintage velvet jacket, barrets heels (13 years old!))

Slightly squiffy look is due to beaucoup de pinot grigio blush that matched my dress beautifully.

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