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November 2011



Frida come winter

As I posted way back in the summer, I love me a bitta Frida!

However she is a summer beauty and I was starting to miss piling on the beads, braiding the hair and trying to honor my dear Frida.

{handknitted wrap top, hobbs cardi, vintage skirt, rewroked tights,m&s boots, beads from africa, australia and my friend tessa}

I started the outfit with this knitted wrap top that Mama D made for me, for ballet class, when I was about 7! Yes, it still fits me…Now, you might think that I still have the same chest as when I was 7 and you’d be almost right. NO! Come on….I didn’t have a small chest until I was at least 29.

It was simply baggy on me way back when and I love that I can still fit into it now!  It was originally an awful baby pink colour and so many moons ago dyed it with a hand dye and voila.

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November 2011



Pumpkin orange

Last week, on the build up to Halloween, I decided to carry around a bag that looked like a pumpkin, wear my Frida kahlo, day of the dead earrings and don my easy come, easy go jumpsuit.

{vintage leather jacket and jumpsuit, gifted scarf and belt {from my mother} orla kiely bag, m&s socks, folk brogues}

It is the easiest thing to throw on when you need to be running around all day and dressing it up for winter {as opposed to in the summer. Check it here} was a great challenge.  Get that sequinned belt and those patent brogues and we’re good to go….

Now you know I’m normally a roller {see here for your guidelines on the art of rolling} but it just didn’t seem to work with this outfit.  Somtimes it doesn’t!  My waist was cinched in and that, my Shoelets, was enough…the hem came down and the rest was his story…said the vicar to the nun….Wahhheeeyyy! Joke central.

You know how much I love old Fridessss…..

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July 2011



Me be Frida

(shell earrings from zimbabwe, gifted pink necklace, gifted luminous orange beads, shell beads from rozelle market, australia, shell beads from bondi beach market, australia, rokit silk blouse (bought at the same time as these) jersey black belt, orla kiely green and pink belt, secondhand black h&m skirt, m&s zebra mules)

When this video turned up on my facebook page I had a Frida feeling…She just had to come out.  You ever have those days?

Ps.  Last summer, Sister With Massive Laugh and I went to a hen do that called for ‘Latin clothing’.  I turned up as Frida to the max complete with monobrow and moustache.  The only other Latin I ever saw all night was a ruffle, satin dress from French Connection.  They all thought I was the entertainment.

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