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July 2013



Shorts week ~ High waisters

DSC02695When the weather decides to finally answer my prayers and grant me with a succession of weeks that firstly make everyone so God DAMN happy and secondly allow me to wear all my ‘summer summer’ clothes then I thank it’s pretty ass and make the most of this precious time.  As with Pants week {I’m sure you’ll all remember those good old days} I laid out all my shorts on my bed and each day made sure they got the showcasing that they so rightly deserved. A brown leg and a heel was all these high~waisted D.I.M.D.I shorts needed. I ran around town all day in this comfy, chic outfit. CHIC???? Gurrrrrrrrlllll…YES! I know they’re cut offs but with a sleeve, a heel and a high waist I made these badboys work for central London.




{forever 21 top, d.i.m.d.i shorts, melissa plastic heels, green wooden beads from bondi beach market, gifted promise2morrow paper beads, orla kiely}



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June 2013



Wild weather wear


As demonstrated on Tuesday this weather is driving me crazy. One minute I’m wiping my sweaty top lip the next I’m reaching for my umbrella. Finding outfits to look good in when the weather seems to be having a major PMT strop is difficult to say the least and I don’t know what to tell you my Shoelets! There seem to be no wise words of sartorial advice I can depart from these sweet, cherry flavoured lips.

I myself plumped for a jumpsuit ~ light, comfortable and fresh.



{orla kiely jacket, vintage jumpsuit and belt, office flats}




{zelda cave engraved necklace, laura lee ‘tim’ necklace}

What are you throwing together to try and stay cool/dry/warm these days?

Spread the love and let us know.


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May 2013



Pants week: No.3


Pants week is continuing and I see it as a really good wardrobe challenge. I need to think that little bit harder to find good pants in my closet that I can make summery, comfortable and kick ass. The wedge of the year carried on till today and, like it did yesterday, made for very good lunging.




{grandma wyn’s reworked burberry trench, reworked ancient cardi, american apparel tee, self designed pants, rae jones wedges, vintage brown wooden beads, promise2morrow paper beads, m&s sunnies}


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May 2013



Pants week: No 2


My home away from home is the beautiful and expensive shoe shop Poste Mistress on Monmouth street. Expensive yes but not ridiculously bank raiding and the quality of shoes is pretty darn good. However, it’s a small shop and they don’t tend to get many of the outer sizes in and by outer I mean those on the outer edges ~ The 3’s and the 8’s. I, of course, fall into the 3 category and…HA! Come on, I don’t think I’ve ever been a 3. EVER. I’m a big old hoofing 8 and I’m lucky if there’s ever two of a certain style in a size XL. With these Rae Jones wedges I loved them as soon as I saw them at the beginning of February and I knew I had to get them even if there was still snow on the ground. If I’d have waited until this glorious week that we’ve just had then they would have out of my grasp and snuggly hugging the trotters of another.

I love them. They’re enormous but so comfy and they make me so tall! In pants week their first showcase was to pair up with a super skinny and super high~waisted jean that made feel like I was working in JD sports but still managing to bring my own personality to my uniform. You with me?



{vintage adidas jacket, gap stripy top, gifted jeans, rae jones wedges, diesel sunnies}


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May 2013



Pants week: No.1


Remember when I was talking about Jamie Beck in her Parisian chic outfit of rolled up chinos and patent black flats? Well I was inspired and knew that one day my own bastadization of it would arise and here it is…in butch Lesbian form. Not sure how that happened but at least I was very comfortable on day one of pants week. It’s warm my Shoelets, don’t get me wrong, it is and I am thankful but in the shade it’s nippletastic. A pant with an exposure of anklet is what’s occurin’ this week.

Watch the crotch of this space.


{gifted vintage shirt, vintage chinos, folk brogues & m&s sunnies}



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April 2013



Rise to the occasion: Country life


When a weekend retreat to the countryside came up last week I couldn’t decide what to wear. I KNOW! My Shoelets, I’m sorry if I’ve let you down but the never ending winter that we’ve endured has meant that I am all over the place. April is about blossom and getting your legs out and riding your bike. It’s been so up and down that I’ve not known whether to wrap myself in cashmere forever or simply stay in bed for the next 3 months. {I did both. Solved arguements with myself}

A trip to see Terry & Judy with Sister With Massive Laugh was medicine and to cover all bases I went for a uniform of jeans, wellies {YEAHHHH WELLIES GETTING USED PROPERLY!} and thin outer layers. I kept a colour palette of blue, black & orange so that everything could mix and match which also means easy packing. My new Uniqlo puffa is turning out to be the coat of the year and was a perfect layer for walking, hiking up a hill, traipsing round a farm & running through fields.

Happy days.

For my last adventure to Tel & Jude’s have a sneak peek over here and here




{vintage jacket from hong kong, uniqlo jacket, wool belt from a gifted vintage dress, gifted topshop jeans, hunter wellies}




{sister with massive laugh wears urban outfitters coat, river island trews & peach joomp, gifted scarf, hunter wellies}







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April 2013



I like to lunge


I feel very statuesque in this picture. Like I should be stuck on a plinth in Trafalgur square. Granted I haven’t stood like this all day but I wanted to show you that this is the kind of  semi~lunging/stancing that happens when I done a pair of culottes.

Remember them from WAYYYYY back? When I was planning to wear them here and then I actually did wear them here? Having had this easy~come~easy~go pair for almost a decade now I love digging them out of my wardrobe and when I wear them I feel comfy, casual and have no problems in cracking out the great queue~lots stance. Try it. Very liberating.


{hobbs cardigan, american apparel tee, forever 21 belt, £1 chazzer shazzer culottes, tights, office heels}



{Help! my leg shrunk!}

Should you have or wish to take a photo of yourself performing this infamous Queue~lots stance then please feel free to join Tim over on RSNK’s FB page. Would love to see your work.

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March 2013



Snow Nix holiday ~ Packing & Per~chasing


This #tbt picture is me back in 2010. Slim, successful, happy and wearing Nigel Mansell’s cast offs.

I was actually wearing a £10 Ebay onesie that my friend Tessa had lent me. I took it half as a joke and half as a ‘Yeah, I can rock an all in one on the slopes’  The joomp I’m wearing underneath is this D.I.M.D.I piece, my gloves were hand me down’s from Sister With Massive laugh’s and were approximately 20 years old & my scarf was…well just my everyday scarf. The only thing that was passable for a skiing holiday was my goggles that Bro Dude had just given me for Christmas {I’d asked for them}

Armed with my essentials list {see here} and a severe case of camel toe I decided it was time to invest in some new ski gear. I’d been cobbling & borrowing for too long and although it’s an expensive sport to own clothing in, if you feel like you’re going to get your monies worth then do it.

SALE TIME! Bro Dude suggested Snow and Rock & it didn’t disappoint. I found a new jacket, trousers, fleece & two pairs of ski socks. CHUFFED! I so should rename this holiday Chuffed Nix hols.


{burton jacket, colombia pants, snow & rock fleece, maggie white cotton headband, gifted topshop wool black headband, gifted anon goggles}

DSC01847 - Copy

While my thermal situation is outta this world {check it} I still popped to Uniqlo for another pair of long johns and a new long sleeved top which were both so good. As our instructor/host/driver & friend Simon {Bestie From Africa‘s brother} told us. You can’t wear cotton. You sweat it, it doesn’t dry, you cool down, you freeze, you’re dead. It’s as simple as that. I have also told you similar such death avoidances when it comes to wool here.


{first three vests m&s, last one ms. selfridge}

My apres~ski/travel coat situ needed some work. Although I do own a shit load of coats I don’t own a lot of warm casual coats that I could wear with jeans and trainers. As much as I would have loved it there wasn’t going to be a vintage dress with a heeled boot going on in the Pyrenees. I had to think outside of the box. I had an idea. A stolen idea but still an idea. Being a new coat wasn’t an option so I had to think layers. I’d seen a friend wearing a Uniqlo Ultra light down parka underneath her wool coat and knew that that thin layer was like whale fat ~ warm and vital. I hopped over to my favourite American Apparel nabbed myself a peach hoody, which I have the same intentions for that as I did with this one, bought an orange {come on it’s me!} parka and ON TOP OF THOSE added my faithful, no branded, stolen, Tim hates enormous beige fleece. I was as snug as a bug in a rug.


Only thing left to do was get myself up a mountain…To be continued….

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March 2013



In one peice


Sometimes all you need is a one piece and touch of mulberry….


{vintage jacket & jumpsuit, gifted scarf, m&s cashmere socks & suede wedges}


…oh and a lilac watering can.


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February 2013



Princess Andrea

I feel like I look like a small woodland creature caught unawares in the foliage of it’s habitat in this photo.

And I think this one shows me to be the true knobhead that I so lovingly and happily am.

{found liberty’s scarf, vintage coat & trews, m&s socks, kurt geiger heels, lulu guiness bag}

Ok. Here we go:

So, I saw Mira do it here and I thought, YES! I am going to do that. New Flattie was off work ill {read: so hanging that when she had to call in sick the glare of her iphone made her throw up} and when I trotted into the living in the above get up I was faced with a barrage of guffawing followed by a pushing out of the way while she ran to the loo.

‘But I REALLY want to wear it’ I thought to myself as I looked at my face squashed into my scarf like a biscuit being pushed back into it’s packet. Fashion is supposed to be fun and if we can’t laugh at ourselves then, besides Micky Flanagan, who can we laugh at eh? Well me, my dear Shoelets, me. I am here to be laughed at. With strength and a giggle in my step I headed out of my front door and went to work resembling somebody who looked like they owned acres of land. I was LOVING THIS SHIT! Firstly, wearing a headscarf  keeps my ears warm and my ears stick out so when it’s cold they hurt. Secondly, once you’re out of the house and away from a mirror you kind of forget that you look borderline cray and you just get on with it.

While I personally thought I was channeling a Grey Gardens style I received an email later in the week from New Flattie entitled ‘Princess Andrea?’ with the following picture attached:

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