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April 2013



Snow Nix holiday ~ Skiing/Snowboarding

ski4{matty, bestie from africa & me}

Having skied my entire life I thought I would try snowboarding. I WAS NOT a natural and let’s just say I didn’t get on with it as well as I’d hoped! After day 4 and simultaneously landing on my face, ass & left arm 35 times in a row I thought it might be easier ~ for all involved ~ that I revert back to skies.

Here be our snowy adventures whilst clad in the best possible gear for me to rise to the occasion:








Note the extreme face change once I was back on skies!

See here and here for the biblical sartorial journey I made to get to the slopes. I hope you’ve all had a good Easter and are getting yourselves ready for the warmer weather…peep toes shoes, sleeveless tops and NO TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! BRING IT ON!

{All photos taken by Simon Carr}

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March 2013



Snow Nix holiday ~ Packing & Per~chasing


This #tbt picture is me back in 2010. Slim, successful, happy and wearing Nigel Mansell’s cast offs.

I was actually wearing a £10 Ebay onesie that my friend Tessa had lent me. I took it half as a joke and half as a ‘Yeah, I can rock an all in one on the slopes’  The joomp I’m wearing underneath is this D.I.M.D.I piece, my gloves were hand me down’s from Sister With Massive laugh’s and were approximately 20 years old & my scarf was…well just my everyday scarf. The only thing that was passable for a skiing holiday was my goggles that Bro Dude had just given me for Christmas {I’d asked for them}

Armed with my essentials list {see here} and a severe case of camel toe I decided it was time to invest in some new ski gear. I’d been cobbling & borrowing for too long and although it’s an expensive sport to own clothing in, if you feel like you’re going to get your monies worth then do it.

SALE TIME! Bro Dude suggested Snow and Rock & it didn’t disappoint. I found a new jacket, trousers, fleece & two pairs of ski socks. CHUFFED! I so should rename this holiday Chuffed Nix hols.


{burton jacket, colombia pants, snow & rock fleece, maggie white cotton headband, gifted topshop wool black headband, gifted anon goggles}

DSC01847 - Copy

While my thermal situation is outta this world {check it} I still popped to Uniqlo for another pair of long johns and a new long sleeved top which were both so good. As our instructor/host/driver & friend Simon {Bestie From Africa‘s brother} told us. You can’t wear cotton. You sweat it, it doesn’t dry, you cool down, you freeze, you’re dead. It’s as simple as that. I have also told you similar such death avoidances when it comes to wool here.


{first three vests m&s, last one ms. selfridge}

My apres~ski/travel coat situ needed some work. Although I do own a shit load of coats I don’t own a lot of warm casual coats that I could wear with jeans and trainers. As much as I would have loved it there wasn’t going to be a vintage dress with a heeled boot going on in the Pyrenees. I had to think outside of the box. I had an idea. A stolen idea but still an idea. Being a new coat wasn’t an option so I had to think layers. I’d seen a friend wearing a Uniqlo Ultra light down parka underneath her wool coat and knew that that thin layer was like whale fat ~ warm and vital. I hopped over to my favourite American Apparel nabbed myself a peach hoody, which I have the same intentions for that as I did with this one, bought an orange {come on it’s me!} parka and ON TOP OF THOSE added my faithful, no branded, stolen, Tim hates enormous beige fleece. I was as snug as a bug in a rug.


Only thing left to do was get myself up a mountain…To be continued….

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February 2013



Keeping it real {warm}

Do we all remember my new crush Ms. Miroslava Duma yeah? Pop on over here if not. Well in carrying on the theme of the week, which I’m not actually sure I told you what it was? it’s ‘Warm yet werking it girlfriend’ btw, I found some perfect examples of Mira & some other ladies werking and warming to demonstrate my wise words. Now each outfit that Ms. Duma is wearing is just pure perfection for me but no doubt, very much like me, you do not have her budget of £freeclothesgiventomebecauseimsomone. Therefore we are merely looking at examples here and shall hence forth go to our own wardrobes and recreate each look with what we already own. Far more satisfying I say.

~ The first five pictures are to do with the {no so} humble hat. NEVER underestimate the power of a hat people. 40 – 45% {just googled it} of body heat is lost through the head and so by simply popping on a fur, fedora, fez hat you’re already a winner ~

~ No hat around? Try a headscarf. Remember when I liked this little beauty all those months ago? Well little did I know it was Ms. Mira my {soon to be} muse. Remember the opposites though. To avoid looking like Babuska Kopkava when wearing a headscarf keep the rest of your outfit sharp, simple & edgy {and/or with a big fur button under your chin} ~

~Next: Cover all surfaces. Yes she’s essentially wearing a short sleeved crop top with no coat but I can not see any skin exposed. Besides her leather slee~gloves and long boots she’s got shit loads of M&s thermals on underneath. Guaranteed ~

~Do it like a brother, do it like a dude…Why should the boys always get all the warmth? Steal a boys identity & make it your own {a little m into fm} ~

~Warm socks and sensible shoes. Yo Mama was always right ~

~ Make a puffa cool. While I’m not the biggest fan of them I do admit that they’re toasty. Instead of wearing with no make~up, white reebok classics and with poobags hanging out of the pockets {you know who you are!!} why not layer, style, stick on a red lip and rock~

~If in doubt pile on a blanket. Best to de~dog hair first ~

~At last but by no means least, do as Grandma Wyn would have done in the war. A chunky woollen poloneck {were they around then?}, a classic wool coat, a hat to protect the hair, a slick of lippy and a sensible boot. If she’d done her bag up properly and everything inside was OCD ordered I might have thought this was me ~

GO forth my Shoelets and shop your wardrobes. Take inspiration from these ladies that I found over here or from my own winter warming wares but whatever you do, stay warm. Blue hues around one’s lips are never a good look.

Ps. …while I, of course, don’t recommend these ladies oufits below {Er..did someone forget their pants?!} I do recommend that your own personal glass of wine on the street is another great winter warmer.

Stay safe and dry sisters {and you stray brother}

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February 2013



Viking victory

The outfit underneath this coat aka Romani~chic circa ’82 is pretty similar to this cosy~tastic get up seen here. Wool, cashmere, layers, sheepskin lined boots. What tickled me pink was not the fact that I was snug as a bug in Bruce Forsyth’s rug but that my outer shell also kept me toasty warm. You could have slathered me in Lurpak & Marmite and I would have been perfection.

After scrolling through Instagram last week & wishing I was in NYC for fashion week ~ and more importantly beautiful blizzard Nemo ~ I got to daydreaming about how I would have combated the onslaught of a blizzard, kept myself warm but still dressed up for the biggest event on the clothes calendar without looking like a drowned cat. I know that I couldn’t have had any skin showing ~ a foot, an arm, a MID RIFFF…YES SOME PEOPLE WERE DOING THAT!! ~ so my fur hat & my wool, leather adorned coat ,which made me look {read feel!} like a viking, would have been my party piece de resistance.

{vintage coat, bag, skirt & boots, crown cap hat, accesorize mittens, tights}

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January 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Snowchic #3

With two days of dressing for work in the snow, Sunday welcomed a day to get dressed up for rolling around on the common. I’d caught glimpses of street styling and ideas had popped into my head when it came to getting my garb sorted for such an occasion. I headed off to my wardrobe for a quick ‘shopping session’, took out my functional pieces of clothing ~ wool trousers, leather gillet, fleece ~ and put a look together that made me feel like I was off skiing in 1912. It still stood the test of time though my Shoelets, 3 hours of continuous snowing, the hard work of  building a snow cock & balls and 2 stints in 2 pubs later I was still warm & dry.

{crown cap hat, gifted scarf, bag & fleece, vintage leather gillet {see her story here}, wool trews {first seen here} & coat, natural show store boots, accesorise mittens}

Head on over to my faceshizal to see who I spent the day with, how I somehow ended up looking like Scott of Antarctic and what we ended up erecting….

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January 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Snowchic #2

With the ground a little easier to navigate on Saturday I felt a heel ~ a heel on a sheepskin lined boot that is! ~ could still work in the snow. Warm boots, AGAIN lots of layering {petticoats, wool vests over long sleeve tops, long socks over tights} & I’ve done it! I’ve gone a stuck a load of wooden necklaces into the mix and hallejujah we’re still werkin’ it in the snow.

{gifted coat from ex~boy’s nan, d.i.m.d.i. pink joomp {used to be a poncho}, ms selfridge grey long sleeve, vintage skirt {also seen here & here}  & boots, american apparel socks, gifted beads}

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January 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Snowchic

When I woke on Friday morning and drew back the curtains to see no blanket of snow I felt cheated. Then I turned on the radio and realised that was reserved for Lance Armstrong. I did actually tweet that joke last week but I’m so proud of it I thought it needed a second outing. Here’s hoping it gets retweeted 10 000 times like @d_whitehouse’ s joke!

Twoking {Tweet joking? Does it work?} aside I was gutted with the lack of snow as I had planned the above outfit in my head just the night before….NOT TO FEAR! Half an hour later and the snow was coming down faster than posters for Viva Forever! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! The January boredom blues have vanished as I am having to Rise to the Occasion and you know me my Shoelets, I do love an occasion. Last year I showed you all how to dress for a day in the snow but I realised it was a play day in the snow ~ walking, snowball fights, building an enormous snowcock & balls {Don’t even think I didn’t do it!} ~ but what about when it’s snowing and we need to head into town to work, serve customers and then make a date at the cinema to see Les Mis?

Fear not. I am here to walk you through my entire outfit and show you how warmth & style can live happily together in an over priced one bedroomed flat in London Town. Fun I know:

*Thermal vest {m&s} & tights {tabio} ~ I DO love a thermal {see here} & especially a thermal that you can tuck into your tights. Unattractive but who cares when your back is toasty warm.

* Cotton long sleeve {gifted} & petticoat {£1. chazzer shazzer} ~ Never underestimate the power of a petticoat. Extra warmth as well as protection against an itchy skirt.

* Cashmere joomp {j crew} & wool skirt {vintage} ~ I’ve said it before but once you’ve gone cashmere, you’ll never look back. Warm, luxurious & sexy as hell when someone you like is hugging you!

* Stockings {cut off m&s tights} & suspender belt {m&s} ~ Weren’t expecting those were you!

* The bear coat {gifted from ex~boy’s nan}, belt {chazzer shazzer} & boots {natural shoe store} ~ These hardcore’s are some of my favourites. Due to the fact they’re used primarily for extreme’s they don’t get as big an airing as they should but when they come out I know I’m sorted. You don’t get warmer than fur & a warm, dry boot with a good grip goes a long way.

* Hat {crown cap}, scarf {gifted} & mittens {accesorise} ~ I’ve explained to you my love of a good set of accesorises. Check it out here if you missed that lecture.

How’s your layering going my Shoelets?

Any disaster’s? Truimphs? Not even bothering?

Who’s been out in head to toe ski gear?

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February 2012



Rise to the occasion: Snow Queen

Underneath Bet Gilroy’s cast off is a whole host of layering and warmth.  Bet may have been Drag Queen of The Rovers Return but I am Queen of Rising to the occasion.  If there’s an extreme – Snow, humidity, jungle, the oscars – then I am there with an appropriate outfit.  To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal, light a stage, wax a chump like a candle! DANCE! Keeping warm and stylish {ie.  Not looking like the abominal snow-wo-man} is tricky. 

NEVER FEAR!  I’m always on hand with a tutorial.  Take my hand and follow me.  I promise it’ll be fun….

  • Firstly that thermal layer.  The most important thing you will ever own besides concealer and The wire.  Your second skin.  Your whale blubber.  Your sweat conducter.  Mine’s a long one to avoid any lower back exposure to the elements.  Tuck that buggar in!

{reworked m&s thermal vest. mavi jeans. orla kiely belt} 

  • Next up: Your long sleeve layer.  Again, tuck it in and cover all surfaces.

 {gifted stripey longsleeve}

  • Next: Your last layer.

‘Are you frikking crazy woman?  It’s -2 out there!’

I know, it seems strange but stay with me My Shoelets!  You don’t want too many layers on because then you’re simply bolted!  You can’t move and the air can’t circulate around your body and eventually warm you up.  This last layer – Your joomp – needs to be a sweater.  NO WOOL!  Wool will heat you up, make you sweat and then ultimately, when your body temperature drops, freeze you to death as you have to build a snow bed on the common and try to survive until help arrives.

 {american apparl sweater}

  • Socks.  These are hardcore.  Wool, thick, warm.  Boots.  Snow proof, hardcore, tread.  RAAAAAAAAAAA!  They live for times like these.  Welcome back girls.  You’ve been in the downstairs cupboard for too long!

 {socks: hobbs. boots: natural shoe store}

  • Next step is tres important.  Your accesories.  They keeping those extremities warm.  Hat – Ears and, should you {God forbid} have a bald patch, need to be kept warm at all times.  Mitts – Cut the string off them and shield those paws.  Scarf – There’s nothing worse than a bit of snowball falling down your neckline.

{vintage hat, gifted scarf, gap mittens}

  • Last but by no means least your Coatage.  Whether it’s Bet Gillroy, or The Bear as I like to call her, A miltary wool coat, an 80’s large leather beauty or a sweet mustard pea coat.  Get her on and get outside!

{gifted bet gillroy coat and vintage belt}

Happy Snow days ahead my dears and let me know how your layering goes….Over heated?  Too chilly?  Wet feet?  Trial and error…Trial and error.  It’s what fashion is all about!

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