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November 2012



Forward planning

December is in two days {just in case you needed reminding} and December, in Latin, translates into ‘Party season’. I am out all the time in December {OOOHHH popular!} catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while, partying, dancing and generally cashing in on that ‘It’s Christmas let’s spend shit loads of money on celebrating’ card.


As I reminded you all last year I am at your beck and call should you require a Sweet Treat eg I come to your house and find your party outfits for this season. SORTED!! I don’t know about you but come 18th/19th December I am troweling re~layering make~up over make~up and surviving on Pret breakfast baguettes, paracetamol and afternoon top ups of more vino.  Sleep is but a distant memory and as for deciding on an outfit for that evening at 8am ~ Forget it! In preparation for this debauched time I have all my party outfits pre~planned and sometimes even folded and ready to go. Sad? No, ORGANISED PEEPS!

Now I will always suggest that at Christmas time the big guns need to come out.  They should be out at all times but just in case you are saving your best for special occasions then they need to make their appearances now ~ sequins, leather, lace, feathers, kimonos, floor length anything, velvet, brocade, dramatic make up……

Having said that I think a little something different for this year is in order no? Instead of a sea of black/sparkle/shortness I want to see  you standing out from that drunken, present giving, celebrating crowd…

  • As Ms. Sevigny is doing above ~ nab the/a/some boy’s jacket. Cinch it in with a belt if needs be and wear with only a striking pair of tights, a back breakingly big heel and killer make up.  

TOP TIP: Eyes OR lips with the make~up & casual hair to avoid the Denise Van Outen in Chicago look.

  • I think lace is always a winner but we seem to see a lot more of it at Christmas and always in black. Play follow my leader again with Ms. Sevigny and wear your lace bold and bright.

TOP TIP: If your outfit is this colourful keep all other colours ~ tights, shoes, jackets ~ to a bare minimum.

  • The trouser suit is everywhere this season but I can assure you it won’t be first choice for everyone’s Christmas party.  DO IT! A couple of years ago I turned up at the ‘works’ Christmas do wearing a black velvet trouser suit and an orange felt hat.  Amidst the throng of sequins I was summit a little different innit.

TOP TIP: Head for a striking colour or print to really stand out at this time of year.


  • Wear the brocade/sequins/glitter/silk but team it with something casual. A white tee and a  jewelled bib necklace go a very long way.

TOP TIP: Make sure your tee is over sized and loose.  Once again steal the one night stands  a boy’s.

Go forth and make me proud my Shoelets.

While you’re at it why don’t you let me know what you’re planning on wearing for 24 days straight of drinking?

I’m off to pair up my new checked shirt and my vintage brocade skirt….

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November 2012



Business in Paris

What started off this whole detoxing business for me was the idea of shopping your wardrobe.  I simply love the idea of finding a fabulous outfit, pieces that you wouldn’t have necessarily put together before, from clothes that you already own.  Knowing my former Flatmate’s wardrobe like the back of my hand I was super excited to go and give her a Sweet treat and find two outfits for business meetings she had in Paris.  Having a list of guidelines to adhere to narrowed down the choices I could pick for her but is always when I’m at my best:

* Travelling by Eurostar on both days I need a comfortable outfit to sit in and lug my bag around in

* I’ll be on the go all day, going from meeting to meeting, so will need good footwear that doesn’t make my feet ache

* I need to be warm but also smart, especially for the meetings I have on Thursday

* I don’t want to be carrying too much stuff with me

I was in my element!  As you know I have documented well my love of Paris and dressing for her {see here and here} and knew exactly the type of things Flattie would look good in.  Unfortunately I had to deal with the below state of her clothes:

You can tell she hasn’t been living with me for a while!

Regardless of the jumble sale style of her wardrobe rail I ventured on and the first outfit I found for her involved cool, chic winter whites, sleek greys and a killer boot

 A cozy knit dress to travel in, a sheer pussy bow blouse as a nod to Paris, a smart cream jacket plus faux fur gillet, a floral print scarf to accesorize with, classic boots and leather bag to hold her ipad, travel guide, cd’s for her client, phone and wallet. PERFECT!

Day two required a smarter outfit but still needed that warmth, comfort, smartness and a little competition for the Parisian woman.

This involved a stretchy pencil skirt, a thin knit, a Westwood~esque jacket {dyed by Tim~gifted to me~passed on to Flattie}, cute and comfortable Mary~Jane’s and the ultimate accessory for France ~ the black silk scarf.

Her underwear was matching, her nightwear sexy, her hair and make-up immaculate and her luggage classic.

Paris you’d better watch out…someone’s coming to show you how it’s done and they mean business.

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