Red shoes, No knickers



October 2013



Close encounters


‘It’s really close’ Papa D said as we stood on the platform looking down the line towards….well, towards nothing. There was no train in sight.

‘Ehhh?’ I said looking back down the line. What was he on about? ‘The train’s not here yet?’

‘I mean the weather! It’s really close.’ He replied

Oh DADDD! What a Mum thing to say. He was right though. The train wasn’t close but this God Damn freakish weather is.

When a mild October creeps up on us like she’s currently doing I look back  to that magnificent year that was 2011 and reference my wardrobe when we were sweltering in 25 degrees but kicking conkers along the ground.

Check out HERE HERE & HERE for my, what I like to call, Global warming dressing

The legs can still be free but the colours simply need to be more season appropriate. I bought this vintage dress in San Fransisco many, many moons ago but always seem to bypass it in the summer. I guess I feel it’s perhaps too dull or muted for a bright sunny day in July which makes it perfect for times like this. Close, October times…


{m&s red cashmere cardi, vintage leather gillet, vintage dress from san fransisco, beaucoops booties}


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