Red shoes, No knickers



April 2011



Colour me happy, there’s a sofa in here for 2!

Now I love print and colour and floral patterns to a slightly ridiculous level.  I can do head to toe print on print with a wild colour invvolved without a problem but for some reason lately I have been drawn to prints and colours that I haven’t necessarily liked in the past.

I’ve just popped around the world (As you do!) and when I was in Australia in November I picked up a gorgeous black summer dress dotted with hot pink hibiscus

It’s not the flower print that I don’t go for it’s the colour.  I like my blues and greens and often yellow and oranges but don’t tend to like the hot colours – Fuschia, Turquoise, Aubergine.  Fast forward to last month and I just came back from seeing Sister With Massive Laugh on Broadway in NYC BABY!!

Early one morning I checked out the Hells Kitchen flea market on W39th str between 9th and 10th Ave – I was staying right next door!  I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and so  knew that I needed to make wise choices.  For some reason I keep coming back to this deep purple and hot fuschia cotton summer dress.

It’s not my normal choice of colour but I loved the style of it.  It’s a little bit too big but I like that as it’s so easy to wear.  When I’m hot I don’t want any restrictions – No tight belts, No tops that you have to tuck in, no too short skirts that you can’t sit down in without flashing a handfull to the person sitting opposite you.  The rich colours really applied to me this time, maybe because Project ginger (More on this later..) is here to stay and being a red head now everything about me is lighter(Used to have very dark brown hair)  and I’m drawn to different colours that suit me.

Really into painted fingernails at the moment too and Flatmate has a ‘No Toe and Finger matching’ rule so I’ve embraced her madness and love it!

I’m not normally so matchy matchy but what with the sun shining and the invitation of a BBQ I thought ‘Come on you old slag, get your purple and pink gear on!’  Not that you can see it, and not that I’m going to show you but I have purple and pink underwear on too!

(Beyond Retro sunglasses, Flea market Dress, Funkis clogs from Australia, Indian ankle bracelet, H&M nail varnish on my fingers and Barry M on my toes.)

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