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February 2012



D.I.M.D.I – Bustle hips

Having been  asked by the lovely Hannah to talk about the dress above from yesterdays post, of course I had to oblige!  Trouble is when I wore it last week the battery on my camera ran out.  Damos!!…was gutted as there really are so many details I could have photogrpahed and picked up on.  Oh well, Tim took a few pictures for me at The shop so hopefully we’ll get a sense of how great this dress really is.

{vintage fur coat, gifted skirt and blk longsleeve, chazzer shazzer reworked dress, tights, m&s stockings and suspenders, anthropologie booties}

I found her a good couple of years ago in a Chazzer Shazzer and I had to scrape my pennies together to make her mine.  Not that she was expensive but, at the time, I simply didn’t have enough money…I knew though….Down in my wine filled waters I just knew if I didn’t buy her I’d regret it.  Long sleeved dresses are a rariety in my wardrobe and so when I come across one that I know I won’t have to layer with cardigans or jackets to keep warm I will bag that bargain. I loved the stripe, the deep pockets but the main feature for me was the shoulders and the cute button detail.

Originally it had a full skirt but I felt it needed a little intaking.  Channeling Ms. Westwood I scooped off those corners and gave myself 17th century grand, bustly hips.  A  large gap {Ohhh ‘allo!} at the front means I always have to wear either a petticoat underneath or in this case a gifted little lace trimmed skirt – from the lovely Hannah!

Also in this weather a little extra warmth for the legs was needed….

Marks and Sparks wool stockings over neon orange tights?  What more does a girl need…

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