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December 2011



D.I.M.D.I – Thermal vestage

This time of year my brain and my body just simply don’t seem to function properly.  The cold manages to seep in and ruin everything.  I want to hibinate, watch movies under blankets, eat cheese and wear elasticated pants.  Alas it’s also the busiest time of the year and leaving the house is, unfortunately, a necessity.

To combat that bone-shaking feeling of coldness I feel when leaving the house, I turn to a trusted and loyal friend of mine.

The Thermal vest


{cool original}

I love her like I love the 10 minutes I get to myself on the sofa on Christmas day.  She has been a beautiful friend of mine for many a year now and I think you kids need to jump on the band wagon.  A couple of Christmas’ ago Sister With Massive Laugh treated me to some Heattech long johns , for skiing, from Uniqlo which were great and I would highly recommend. 

However, I love a traditional looking thermal and for that I turn to my beloved M&S.  They come in all shapes and sizes – Long sleeve, vests, long johns, knickers!! and I’ve got them all. I love a soft grey {as seen above} but the only other colours they come in are a nude {I have a matching vest and nix set in this colourway} a black and a cream.

CREAM???  No…Come on…It’s me….I head for those dylon dyes….I make my way to the washing machine and within an hour or so I have a varitable rainbow of vetements….

{tangerine dream cover-up}

{short-sleeved orange treat}

{raspberry mousse long line}

{strappy citrine style}

{comfy originals plus hobbs socks and gifted kiwi sheepskins}

They also make great homemade presents for peeps.  You know, buying a necessity for someone but sprucing that badboy up?  Try it my Shoelets…DO IT!!!!

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