Red shoes, No knickers



December 2011



D.I.M.D.I – with buttons!

A couple of years ago I went crazy for buttons! 

I went to stay up with Great Auntie Joan in Cumbria {#amazeballs chazzer shazzers there! Got these there} and the haberdashery shops that were around were so brilliant.  I found bags full of colourcoded buttons for £1.50.  In Urban Outfitters down this way they sell a scrap of cardboard with 6 buttons on it for approximately £2.50. Come on! You know where I’m headed. I splashed out at this MAJOR REDUCTION and bought tons of butts, not knowing what my project would be with them but knowing that a project would one day rear it’s beautiful head…..

{vintage coat and heels from rokit, selfmade scarf, reworked jumper, vintage skirt, gifted tights, orla kiely leather bag}

When Bro Dude passed on his ‘SHE shrunk it in the washing machine didn’t she!’ wool jumper, I took it with every intention of jazzing that bad boy up.  One night in front of ‘I’m a celebrity get me outta here’ Newsnight I sat down with my bargionous buttons and made myself the collar of a shirt….

Another project I did to liven up an old joomp was by making the buttons look like lapels….Will showcase one day….You could also make them into a sewn on brooch, a pocket, a faux line down the back similar to this, a pair of nipples..I mean the possibilities are endless.

Try it my Shoelets, try colour blocking as well as clashing colours, similar styles of buttons, lettered buttons….Whatever you can get your handme down mitts on!

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