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October 2013



Face {& body} time

DSC03110What with this week being named Saweeet body week I thought I’d start by showing all the products and secrets that I swear by when it comes to my beauty routine.

Tomorrow I’m going to introduce you properly to Rachel Hearle who is a professional make up artist. When I asked her what the best moisturizer was, what the best primer/cleanser/foundation was she gave some savvy, sage advice and said that it’s all individual to the person. What works for one person won’t for another. However, when I asked her about drinking 8 pints of water a day, getting 5 vegetables in you a day & spritzing your boat race with rose water she essentially said it’s all bollocks. I mean obviously it can’t hurt but when it comes to looking after the delicate skin that lines our face there is one beauty product that works on all skin types. That clears the pores, plumps the skin and makes you look alive. It’s free for everyone and it’s…..

8 hours of sleep a night

Now, I know that the mothers out there will be cursing the very words that I type but I can only relay what I’ve been told and what I believe to be true. After a long week of late night and early mornings I can always and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. TIME notice a difference in my skin when I head to bed on Saturday night and wake up 8 ~ 10 hours later. I look younger, less gaunt and, like I said before, actually alive. When faced {pun intended} with this information for the first time I told Rache that when I had to get up early those 8 hours of dreamlike lushness were out of my reach. She bluntly told me to go to bed earlier. She was of course right ~ at 10pm I could be crawling into the pit but instead I’m watching ‘Geordie Shore’.Β You know have a similar choice. {I, of course, still watch GS but now like to Sky plus it}

BESIDES the 8 hours of sleep I like to rely on the below ~ nothing fancy but they work for me ~

* Vaseline cocoa bodylotion ~ Some of you may find this hard to believe but I moisturize my ENTIRE body every day. Entire & Every. I once saw someone doing it on a TV program and wondered why she was moisturizing her boobs. I copied & have been doing it ever since. I’ve tried many a body lotion and while I do like a scented one I don’t like it to overpower my perfume ~ this one is thick even without being greasy & smells gorgeous.

*St.Ives facial scrub ~ While I don’t use this every day it is almost like a weekly treat when I need to plump up & really clean out those pores. With different skin types available there’s sure to be one to suit you.


*Dove soap ~ This is my one major beauty secret and would be my desert island take {if I couldn’t take Ryan Gosling or a chess board} It’s simple and plain and boring, I know! I’m sorry. There is nothing exciting about a bar of soap but Dove is my face wash AND my body wash. I swear by it. I can visibly see a difference in my skin when I’ve run out. Try it. She may just surprise you.


*Nivea visage Q10 day & night cream ~ A couple of years ago I started putting a few more extra pounds towards my moisturizing cream and invested in a night cream. Both say Q10 and both say anti wrinkle ~ I have no idea what Q10 actually is and I’m not sure whether I believe a cream is going to stop wrinkles but I do know that the night cream feels gorgeous and the day cream has an all important SPF. I’m sure I could do better ~ What do you use? All suggestions are welcome.

*Nivea daily essential face wipes ~ When the face wipe for something other than a babies bottom arrived I thought I’d won the lottery. I take my make up off in the evening with these beauties and don’t know where I’d be without them.


* Simple cleanser & toner ~ While I’ve pretty much always cleansed my face of make ~ up I skipped the toner stage due to lack of funds. Last year saw me go through a particularly bad outbreak of spots and I headed back to the trusty toner. Making sure not a miniscule of make~up was left on my face, by using both these products, I instantly saw a difference and now don’t go a morning without cleansing, toning & moisturizing.


*Lucas pawpaw & Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream ~Β Whenever I used to read articles with celebrities on their beauty regimes more often than not people would say they just simply couldn’t live without their 8 hour cream. They never said what they used it for or essentially what it actually is. In copying #sisterwithmassivelaugh {8 hour cream} & My Husband {Lucas pawpaw} I bought into these two balms and now, in the words of those forgetful actresses, ‘I couldn’t live without them’.Β I carry the paw paw cream around with me every day and smooth it on lips, cracked hands, eyelashes that have no mascara on them. At night time I smother on the, slightly heavier, 8 hour cream to my entire face if I’ve had a day in the sun or just my lips & under my eyes if otherwise. Again, like those celebs ~ I can’t tell you what they do or what they are but I do know that I love them and will use them forever.

* Dove ‘go fresh’ deodorant ~ Having tried a few brands and a few scents I settled on this fresh, light deodorant that doesn’t over power and simply does what it’s supposed to ~ Stop me from smelling of BO. Job done.

And that’s my daily {and nightly} body routine.

What’s yours?

Do you use any of the same?

Swear by others?

Know what the hell Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream is?

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