Red shoes, No knickers



March 2012



Feeling fleecy

There is a frown on my face above and I’m sorry you have to see that.  To be honest I was gutted because I’d left the house and in the house were my sunnies….ppfff.  Not impressed.  These days are bright y’all!

They’re bright but they’re still cold and as much as I want to wear a t-shirt ~ I ain’t no fool {to be said a la  BA Baracas} 

I’ve got a fleece on and I’m sure that’s not a sentence you thought you’d ever hear me say.

{vintage coat, reworked fleece and chazzer shazzer dress, gifted tights, anthropologie booties, bag from cyprus}

This is one of my favourite D.I.M.D.I’s and one I did a couple of years ago.  Back when I was a mere 20 year old I went and had an amazing skiing trip in France and managed to procure this fleece, in it’s original form, from a rather tall and handsome boy. I wore it as a big baggy ‘boy’ fleece for years as it was comfy and warm but you know me kids….Once I’d stopped wearing it ~ I stopped dressing like a boy! Oh yeah there were a few good years like that ~ I knew it needed a little reworking.

I chopped at her length, used the excess material to make the sleeves a little batwing, cropped the sleeves and ran elastic through it all.

I love the material of fleece, it’s so snuggly and cosy, but am never a fan of the boring, boxy styles they come in.  I wanted the colour of the original piece but knew I needed a more exciting shape.

Can’t find what you’re after? Do It Yourselves my Shoelets.

Ps. Dress was a D.I.M.D.I too…last seen here

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