Red shoes, No knickers



October 2012



Finally found

I thought that first thing on a Thursday morning you might want a close up shot of my vagina…..Was I wrong?  Ok, sorry…Here’s a more in focus one of said vageen:

Come on…It’s not my money maker that’s the real centre of vaginal focus here it is of course le jean.  Oh my dear Shoelets, I have waited for this day for mmmmmm…..probably about the past 4 years.  I have found my dream jean. HALLEJUAH!!!  I have wanted a high waisted skinny black jean for so many years but I just wasn’t doing my homework.  As I say to my clients when I make suggestions about key pieces to fill their wardrobe

‘Go and try on 20 pairs and see what you like, don’t panic buy and pay for quality over quantity’

Well I listened to my own advice and I kept my ‘painful, gave me back ache and trapped wind’ pair of ancient Mavi black jeans until I eventually went shopping and found my perfect jean.

~ JBrand ~ Maria ~ High waisted ~ Skinny ~

I never want to take them off y’all.

{reworked grandma wyn’s burberry trench, antoni and alison tee, vintage velvet jacket, jbrand jeans, ancient barrets heels, m&s sunnies}

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