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September 2012



Ginger rules

Some people say that when it comes to fashion there are no rules.  Unfortunately this is bullshit guys because believe me you do not want to see me in low rise flared pants.  There are, of course, rules when it comes to looking good and dressing your body type – Check them out here if  you need to get up to scratch with the do’s and don’ts of putting on clothes – but sometimes those rules are meant to be broken. Right? RIGHT.

‘Blue and green should never been seen’ is an old fashioned saying that needs a heavy emphasis on the old.  I don’t mind a splash of navy and a dash of forest but I know that we all have our little ‘no no’s’, our own rules that we find hard to get over.  Up until 2 years ago you would not have seen me dead with black and navy in the same outfit.  The flood of navy teamed with noir that came our way, due to Lanvin, suddenly made this punishable crime wearable and I finally found it acceptable in my sartorial heart to team these two tones.  Another fashion faux pas for many of you will probably be the entire outfit I am wearing above:

~Ginger mane ~ La peche blouse which is borderline orange ~ Tomato red skirt~Fleshy pink sunglasses~

 As a wannabe gingembre I am not the real deal and therefore the rule book has been thrown out of the car window whilst driving at 120mph.  Pinks, scarlets, oranges, bright reds and burnt gingers are colours that I love and that are going to adorn this body for a long time…..and there ain’t no one who can tell me no different.

 {vintage leather gillet and ralph lauren shirt, d.i.m.d.i shell brooch, hobbs pencil skirt, russell and bromley brogues, gifted satchel, m&s sunnies}

What are your fashion rules?  

Can you wear brown and black together? {I can’t and don’t think I ever will}

Does everything have to match?

How many colours can you take at any given time?


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