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May 2012




One of the most rewarding things about doing Wardrobe Detoxes is getting to the part where I can style my client in their own clothes.  After over sized sack dresses, stretched leggings and tiny faded t-shirts have been banished from a wardrobe I will look at what’s left and see how my client can wear it.  It always amazes them that they hadn’t thought of the combinations I put together themselves.

Not a problem.  We all get like that.  All that’s needed is an outside eye and a different approach for clothes you’ve had for years to be completely revived.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all bored of this tiresome weather {F OFF already!!!} and having to keep warm and dry in May – when we’ve been doing it for half a year already! – is sapping our sartorial juices.

A different approach is all I needed.  When watching Grey’s anatomy one night I watched Richard put on a bowtie and my mind started racing…..I remembered my Christmas stash {see here} of gorgeous gifted bowties, rolled my jean for a little ankle viewing, added a wee heel and voila ~ something a little different for y’all.

Grab your inspiration from anywhere and everywhere and go have a root around in your closet.

{vintage knit, heels and handbag, h&m shirt, gifted bowtie and chazzer shazzer jeans}

If you’re having trouble looking at things a little differently then you can always contact me here and I’ll come help you look fabulous in your very own wardrobe.

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