Red shoes, No knickers



October 2011



Hibenation – Mark 2

Remember this….It’s 6 months to the week since I tucked my winter wares away to the top of my wardrobe and danced around in my summer beauties.  Even though I have been resisting putting on tights and have loved keeping my tootsies on show I know that it’s time to unearth my kilts, my long-sleeved dresses and my winter woolies.  The clocks are turning back next week and I want something different…I’m ready, and excitied, for what winter has in store for us!

All the same rules applied, as they did 6 months ago, with regards to storing my clothes.  I washed and dried everything properly{those bastard moths thrive on dirt left in clothing} and rolled it all tightly away with lavender bags and old soap to try and prevent ‘moth parties’ occuring.

Seeing my beloved mules, my clogs and all my open toed sandals looking out at me, I knew I needed to get my boots out, put my brogues to the front and enjoy the idea of a closed toe shoe…

Have you done the same my lovelies?  Are you scarfing up in the evenings ready for bonfire night?  Looking for extra layers for the crisper mornings?

Even if you do have the space to have all your clothes out at once {LUCKKKKYYY!!!} I think it’s sometimes good to pack away the unused seasons pieces.  It gives you more room to see what you own, where there are gaps {If you have any} and it gives you the opportunity to mix and match pieces and appreciate what you do have.  You know me my lovely Shoelets, I love a bit of clothes appreciation.  Here’s to winter woolies, warm clothing and rosy cheeks….as if I needed any help in that department!

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