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October 2013



Inspire me

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As I popped over to bloglovin’ this week ~ Did you know you can also follow me there? It’s the same shiz as here but you know…more the merrier ~ I stumbled across Garance Dore‘s post on Skin Rehab. {see HERE}

I don’t know what happened but my skin has been so bad recently. Teenage hormone bad. I do realise that what you put into your body is just as important as what you slather on to it but for some reason nothing seemed to be helping & I had to take some time out & apply some face TLC. Sleep, steam, scrub & massage. I’m slowly getting back to looking like I own an adults face but reading Garance’s post & having been through a month of heavy duty concealer I realised I need to take more care of my boat race. Especially in these upcoming {read piss off} winter months.

I’m inspired by Garance’s post to make next week SaweetΒ Body week ~ What we use, what we save our coins for, what we wish for & how we paint ourselves pretty…..See you on the other side for some pampering.

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