Red shoes, No knickers



October 2012



Inspire me

Sheer darling: Julianne Moore with Malcolm Gladwell and honoree Eric Eisner

I can’t stop looking at this photo….minus the men.

I don’t know these men and I’m unfortunately not computer savvy enough {I mean I haven’t got a mac} to make them disappear for you. Β No, the stiff suits don’t interest me it’s the ginger in the middle. Β I can’t get over how bloody cool Julianne Moore looks. Simple is as simple does. An easy bun, a natural face, a classic, simple dress and an awesome shoe. Β I can tell that she is comfortable, sexy, stylish but also she looks her age and frikkin’ awesome along with it.

I am inspired to not be afraid of the simple, to invest in ridiculously good shoes and to redye my roots….tonight…I’m off!

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