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August 2011



Is it acceptable…

(gifted dress from zimbabwe, goa flips, m&s sunnies)

There is so much going on in this post I just don’t know where to start!! I’ll start with the question that has been plagueing me all year….No!  It’s not why doesn’t Rebecca Brooks wear any make-up or why have I not met Bradley Cooper yet it’s

Is it acceptable to wear flip flops to work…in the centre of town?

It perplexes me and I honestly don’t think I know the answer!?  If the answer is no then I have broken all the rules these last few days and gone balls out with a sequinned black flip flop in Covent garden – Crazy I know!


Is it acceptable to wear a dress this short to work…and in the centre of town?  I think there are two answers to this very important political question

a) No when riding Le BMX and wearing a g-string.  It was so short that when I looked down I thought I had a black penis (the bike seat) between my legs.  Also I couldn’t stand up on my bike otherwise I would have caused a trafcic accident.

b) YES!!  It’s baking hot!  YEAH!!!!

This was a present from Bestie From Africa a couple of years ago but the first time I ever tried it on the zip broke and it sat in my mending pile for far too long.  Eventually I got round to sorting out getting a zip but by then I’d put on weight and realised it wouldn’t have fit me.  So, I decided to rework my gift…Never one to give up on an item, even if it’s hard to breathe in.

I took up the odd hem, It had a zip in it!? I added the elastic down the side so it was easy (ier) to get on.  I gained two compliments from women who ‘Eh! I love the African print yeah’ and after work hotfooted (on my bike…Is that possible to hotfoot on a bike?  Another serious question!)  it over to Brockwell Lido where I was so desperate to get into the pool I had trouble getting the now sweaty dress off and had to ask Katsy to pull it over my head. 

Katsy is 5 foot.

What have you all been wearing to keep you cool? In both senses of the word…Get it! Yeah.

Also…Have you been wearing your flippen floppen’s to work?  Can we do this?  Tell me…I need to know. Really…I also really need to know why I haven’t met Bradley Cooper yet because I think we’d get on like a house on fire and I’m sure my love of The Tour de France is something he’d totally be into.

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