Red shoes, No knickers



January 2012



It’s in the details

Having stated here that 2012 is going to be about simplicity, cleaner lines and looser fits for me, I decided a mere 8 days into the month to scrap that and focus on what I love….the details….

Having only ever glanced at it briefly I wondered why I haven’t been a bigger fan of the photo blog Jak and Jil. Β It’s beautiful and, unlike The Satorilist {another blog of inspiration for me} You never get to see a full shot of someone which I quite like. Β Remember Dries’ quote here!

I hope you enjoy the layers, the tucking in, the imagination and the prints, that have got my mind racing over the weekend, as much as I do.

{All photos are courtesy of Jak and Jil}

Couldn’t resist sticking this last one in…Sometimes fashion just doesn’t know when to stop! PLEASSSEEEEE!!

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