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July 2011



Juicy, java handmade couture

Bestie From Africa is here and in her honour I decided to don my java print skirt and my ‘travelling beads’.  This whole outfit actually comes from around the world.  It’s one of my ‘things’ that I like to do when travelling and that’s to pick up pieces from wherever I might be.  The material, with it’s gorgeous bright, juicy java print, of my skirt was a birthday present from Bestie From Africa, who lives in Zimbabawe, and I had it made into a skirt.  The pattern was taken from another skirt that I own and love the style.  It’s suits my shape, is easy to wear and is great on Le BMX (great=doesn’t fly up and show undercrackers when cycling!)

The cotton, embroidered blouse is a favourite.  I was in Singapore, in 2007, staying with Bestie With Baby (went to Paris with her here) and went to visit Little India.  I found this tiny, dark shop at the top of an open air, concrete tiered market place.  I bought two of these lovely 100% indian cotton tops, one with brown embroidery and this one.  They are a great, cool, easy summer wear and were about £5 each.

The big green beads are from Bondi beach market in Sydney and the smaller, patterened ones were another present from Bestie From Africa (Very generous gal she is) and are from Promise in Zimbabwe, an organisation that upcylces to make jewellery, you know I’m all over that shizel.

My fabulous clogs (last seen here and here) are from Sweden but were purchased (on the credit card) when out in Ballina, near Byron Bay in Oz at the end of last year.

I’m a big fan of the ‘shopping when away’ system.  Go on…Do it.  Treat yourself to a little something when you’re abroad or visiting someone…a bag from Morocco, some material from Thailand, a cotton blouse from France, a cheap dress from Cumbria (seen here).  You’ll have a great little story behind your outfit and it will not be like anything anyone else has here….unless of course they’ve been to see Great Auntie Joan with you!!

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