Red shoes, No knickers



April 2013



Last of the tights


This is it my Shoelets. This is the last you’re going to see of me in Le tight for some time.

Ground breaking news for some of you I know but for those of you who are not up to speed with the everyday goings on of my legs I shall inform you all of what’s occurin’ {said in a Welsh accent} Biannually I play this game, only with myself but I still play it, where I set a date and from then on I shall not be donning tights until Octoberish. Some people think I’m cray, some say I’m a God damn fool others say I should model for Aldi to those people I say this: You’ve gotta be in it to win in!Β Every year my customers {& friends} complain about their white legs. The news is ladies that if they’re not exposed to the sun then they’re always gonna be a pale hue of ill.

Get em out, get some Vitamin D into your system and simply pop a scarf into your bag for cooler evenings. Holler! Summer’s nearly here!


{vintage coat {last seen here}, may leopard print dress, grey cardi from a shop in oz, yellow cardi from american apparel, tabio tights, d.i.m.d.i belt, gifted hudson boots}



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