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April 2012



Looking for change

{found fleece, topshop scarf, vintage jacket from nyc, gifted vest, lee jeans, wedges from nyc, leather bag from cyprus}

Between the downpours and the grey skies of yesterday I found a small window of sun and I snatched it to take these piccies.  Obviously, the rules are, day one back from your hols you wear white and get as much skin out as possible.  Having transferred said skin from 27 degrees to 10 there was a strong possibility that this was not going to happen.  It did however make me look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes and you know me My Shoelets, I do love a challenge.

Having lived off the same set of clothes for 2 weeks when I get back to Tiny Wardrobe and am faced with a plethora of vetements I am always looking for change.  In Africa-ca-ca I was flowing, big prints, bold colours.  On returning I’m reaching for some a little subtler. A looser top, a smaller print, edgy and ‘covered’ {dang i was cold yesterday!} but still TRYING to be springlike.

I’m getting out my spring/summer jackets today and am looking forward to dreaming up different outfits for this year.  I’m not sure what they’ll be but I have a few little ideas brewing in le brainage.  Shoes and bags are a priority this season and I can’t wait to look at what I already own and mix it up to make it current and exciting.

What’s your plan for this upcoming season?  Let me know?  Do you like the sportswear look thats coming in?  Clogs a plenty for y’all?  Will you be joining me, Burberry and a whole continent with 2012’s love of African print? Are pastels welcomed into your inbox or are they sent right to spam?

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