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June 2011



Love your Lover

Dear Christopher Kane Dress (and Kristen Wiig),Thank you for both greeting me on the tube yesterday morning at 7.30am and for making me smile for my whole journey even though my face was pressed into the armpit of a stranger and someone something, I don’t know what, was touching my leg.  I first saw you in the flesh in Liberty, on Monday, and you were reduced in the sale to £812 (CK dress not Kristen) There was only one of you and you were in my size.  Unfortunately you were £800 too expensive for me but I honestly did, for a split second, calculate how much money was available on my Mastercard. Alas not enough for even a Pret lunch and so not enough for you to grace my wardrobe.   Then I see you two days later hanging off the shoulders of the beautiful Ms Wiig on the front cover of my favourite weekly, free magazine.

You are beautiful (fact) and I want to be the talented and funny and intelligent Kristen Wiig (dream) which can only mean one thing…. and that is that I love you both.  Very much.  Like the children I don’t own, I couldn’t pick a favourite (although if pushed I probably could) my love for you both is equal, pure and I think might make me slightly desperate.

Your lace, your neon-ness, your shape, her humour, her big blockbuster movie, her teeth….You were made for each other and you were made for the front cover of Stylist and all that combined means you were made for me.  If I could put you in a sandwich with avacado and bacon and eat you whilst sitting outside a sunny Sydney-side cafe, my life would be perfection.

Stay true to your gorgeousness and both come find me one day.

Love (lace) always and always

Ms. D


Ps. Title courtesey of another fabulous lady, The beautiful Louise and the pins.

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