Red shoes, No knickers



October 2012



Maggie’s back

As I mentioned here when our bodies change in shape and size we need to still find different ways of dressing that compliment our gain or our lose.  For some reason I had a lot of money ~ and subsequently did a lot of shopping ~ when I looked like a lollipop. Big head little body that is.  Many of those teenage boy sized clothes have, thankfully, been banished from my wardrobe because as you already know I am a woman of a certain age and hips and a large, juicy ass suit me.  Some of those borderline lollipop clothes however stayed because of their sheer beauty.  This piece above is one of them.  My Margaret Thatcher dress was last worn for a Royal rise to the occasion but was unearthed recently for a mere shopday with Tim.

She was £5 {the dress, not Tim} and I love her {the dress AND Tim} . I hope you do too. Amen.

{grandma wyn’s reworked burberry trench, d.i.m.d.i scarf, american apparel navy cardi, grey cardi from some tiny australian shop, vintage reworked dress, russell & bromley oxfords, kimchi bag}

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