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October 2013



Maquillage pour moi


{gifted japanese make~up from bestie from africa}

When the lovely Rachel Hearle {see HERE} wanted to come and offer her services as a make~up artist and showcase exactly what she does when it come to a make~up MOT I told her I, sadly, was not her woman. I offered up my friend Justine who firstly LOVES make~up & secondly has way more than me.

While I’m all for changing my style & mixing and matching my clothes ~ when it comes to my boat race I am a little lady who knows what works and sticks to it. Boring some of you may say and…well…I would tend to agree but what can I say? I likes what I likes.


* Baseline ~ A good base can do wonders. An old friend of mine, who trained as a make~up artist, told me that once I started wearing foundation I’d never look back. Well, Elle ~ I love you but I can’t stand foundation. I just feel too caked in a layer make~up when I wear it & I like my skin to breath. In the deep dark depths of February, however, I do, sadly, need a little help so that I look one step away from male corpse.  A make~up artists favourite, I discovered Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, which I only use in the winter, along with her bronzer & L’oreal magic touch cover up.

Add to that my signature Poupee cheeks in Mac’s Dollymix powder & Premeditated cream colour blusher.


*Eyeline ~ Maybelline’s classic great lash mascara has been a staple of mine ever since I saw a picture of Kate Moss using it when I was teenager. Sometimes I’ll mix up the colour {brown in the summer, black in the winter} but other than that she treats me just fine. My Mac pencil is for a tiny dab at the corner of my eyes come an evening whereas the Max factor liquid liner is a new addition and will be showcased real soon…watch this space.


*Lipservice ~ As has been documented {HERE & HERE} lipstick is a whole new experience in my beauty regime and one I can’t imagine not having now. It’s the ultimate pick~me up & I am only going to keep adding and adding….

Do you use any of the same products, My Shoelets?

I’d love some lipstick suggestions ~ I’m currently on the hunt for a rich raspberry, deep red colour for those wintery days…

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