Red shoes, No knickers



August 2013



Mellow maxi


One of my favourite things in the world is simply people watching. I recently went to Spain for a week with Bestie From Africa and every evening, in the sweltering heat of Northern Mallorca, we would trip through the little town of Pollenca, where we were staying, to the local plaza, wander past the restaurants and simply sit and people watch…with an ice cream. I love to see other people in their finery and their own personal take on summer gear.

Tim and I will often do it at work too. Sit on the sofa, look out of the large shop front window & check out how people dress for extreme temperatures in the centre of town. We both have the same no no’s ~ no flipflops & no maxi dresses ~ but Tim’s tolerance for a maxi dress is not extended to any time or place. I, on the other hand, am not as offended by them. They were incredibly oversaturated a couple of summers ago and were the go to dress for WAG’s & out of towners on a hot day at Ascot but when you’re tripping around the house, pottering in the garden & lounging on the sofa I’m quite partial to a maxi or two.

My good friend & bon vivant extrodinaire Kass gave me this little freebie~from~a~mag a couple of years ago. I trimmed and branded her with a little left over java print material & made her my own…all in a days tweaking no? YES!



{reworked maxi, gap flips & m&s sunnies}


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