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January 2013



Mira my muse

January is the start of a brand new year. A new beginning, a change of ones ways. Resolutions are made ~ admittedly resolutions are quickly broken but it’s the thought that counts ~ plans are set and most importantly holidays are booked! Skiing in Spain, a weekend treat to Vienna and a trip somewhere hot, hot, hot is on my agenda. What will I wear?

Besides holidays and a long list of books I want to buy I’ve been thinking about the new changes I want to make to my wardrobe. I think, like I started last year, I want a simpler shape, a sleeker look andΒ a younger faceΒ  I certainly want to take more risks. I want to surprise people with my outfits, try new styles and as always feel comfortable in my everyday clothes. Google allowed me to spend a good couple of hours searching for inspiration and then I came across Ms. Miroslava Duma:

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Dang this girl looks good! She used to be the editor of Russian Harpers Bazaar but now is a freelance writer and set up Buro24/7 {sadly all in Russian} and is a regular on many a street style blog. Now, I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking when you look at mini Mira is that she and I do not share the same body type. I am well aware of our differences {height, shape, colouring, bank balance} but I simply take from her what I know will work for me:

* Denim shorts need not just be for the beach. Remember though, the shorter the short the looser they should be

*NEVER underestimate the power of a heel and REMEMBER that a wedge heel can take you from 8am til sometime in the early hours of the next day.

* A pointy white heel ~ of which I managed to per~chase a pair before Christmas ~ look amazing and will be worn by yours truly A LOT!

* Statement necklace! Statement necklace! Statement necklace!

* No effort, simple hair looks mighty fine.

* A good coat can go a long way {of course I’ve always known this my Shoelets} but a blush coloured, just below the knee coat with a white fur collar and a brooch blows everything else out of the water.

* A little bag, compact bag can carry all we need.

I think she’s my new muse and that I am seriously in love. I love the risks she’s taking, the lengths and different shapes she’s playing with and if I were her friend I would definitely trying and steal that coat….and those black wedges…oh and the matching leopard print heels and clutch and…..

Do you have a 2013 muse? Or a new years clothes resolution? What are your sartorial plans peeps?

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