Red shoes, No knickers



September 2013



More clean lines



Now these little badboys don’t look like much ~ granted ~ but were this ‘puter screen touchy feely {not doubt apple have something in the pipeline!} you would reach out with your tiny paw and find that these are in fact velvet hangers and they are a wardrobe’s best friend. I’m constantly going through my clients closets chucking out wire hangers from the dry cleaners, plastic hangers left over from Uni, wooden jacket hangers from god knows where and then trying to make some semblance of the mismatch chaos that’s left. I’m not blaming you my Shoelets, I’m just as much to blame.

Back in June I was in this wardrobe state too ~




I’m so ashamed to show you my Shoelets ~ the wood, the plastic, the wire, the mayhem! This is not how our beloved garments should be stored, seen or showcased. That is why I finally had enough and I made my way over to Amazon and treated myself to these and these.

Oh Sweet Jesus how things have changed. Gone is the mayhem and in comes the magic ~ symmetry, clean lines {you know that’s my obsession this week}, level playing fields. What more does a girl need for her wardrobe?Β No more doubling up of items {actually tripling up in some cases!}, no more inappropriate hangers for desperate dresses. My wardrobe is date ready and the date she is getting ready for is my goodself.




I honestly believe it’s a worthy investment. Make sure you go for velvet, thin hangers that have a grove at each end. They prevent pieces slipping off, are thin enough to fill a small space with lots of treats and not be too heavy. Plus they’re affordable. You can’t say fairer than that can you? Go do it!!! You’ll learn to love that wardrobe of yours all over again.

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