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February 2012



Ms. Moran my muse

When I bought Caitlin Moran’s book a couple of weeks ago I was doing so as research.  I told myself I wouldn’t like it before I knew anything about it!  I was put off by the word feminism in the blurb, by the title, How to be a woman and by her 90’s grunge outfit on the back cover.

‘I can’t stand the word feminism being banded around!’ I told everyone and no one. ‘Why do I need to be told how to be a woman?!’ I quoffed to…well…to myself really.

Then I thought to myself I couldn’t comment on it if I hadn’t read it.  Never judge a book by it’s cover my lovelies {I NEVER seem to learn this} as How to be a woman is, as far as I’ve read, a incredibly witty, touching, interesting and insightful look at women and feminism {it’s not as dirty a word as you might think!} today.  I would highly commend it to all youse. GO! Read it…We need to support those honest, funny women out there. 

The more I looked at her little outfit the more I liked the bottom half. 

‘She looks comfy’ I thought to myself ‘Her legs are out and they look great but she still looks like she could run for a bus…Mmmmm my kind of costumery’

Naturally I came up with my own version of it…

{blk knit found in my flat (bonus), american apparel skirt, tights, kg boots, gifted scarf}

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