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February 2012



My life in others

Having watched ‘The lives of others’ on Sunday night it made me a) what to visit my friend Debrina in Berlin b) learn German and c) check all my light switchs for bugs….you never know who might be listening in to what I have to say!

It also made me think of my new, 80’s ‘German inspired’ coat I per-chased from the ever faithful Rokit.

I, very reluctantly, gave away my green, leopard print lined military coat the other day.  She had been gifted to me and reworked more times than I remember but her time with me had come to an end.  Flattie took her with glee and I set my sights on a different shape, some unique features and a neutral colour.

Her leather shoulder detail had me at ‘Hallo, I’m £15 in the sale’.  As I have said numerous times before, Rokit is a small diamond field but this time of year it’s especially true as it’s when coats start going on sale….Head on over my Shoelets and grab yourself a bargain for this Siberian weather we’ve got coming our way.

{vintage coat and dress, gifted hat, gap mitts, puma bag from hk, m&s boots, tights}

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