Red shoes, No knickers



December 2011



NYC nakedness

{leather jacket from pop boutique, gifted scarf and grey hoodie, reworked waistcoat {last seen here}, vintage dolce and gabanna skirt, gap mittens and socks, belstaff boots, orla kiely bag}

Women in NYC don’t wear tights. Period.

Ok…so not ALL women don’t wear tights and not NEVER do they not wear tights but I read an article in Vogue once that I found so fancinating and it was that women in NYC, when dressing up to go out, simply don’t wear tights!

 What?  How can that be? 

But it’s true….Look at this picture of the The Glamourai {here} all dressed up for a night out in December and her legs be bare.  Also The Man Repeller and her buddies {here} all naked! It reminds me of when SJP was getting Carrie ready for Sex and the City and she said she will never wear foundation as NYC women simply don’t! The fact that mani/pedi’s and taxi’s are much cheaper over there are obviously big factors.

When I read the article I found it extrodinary as I couldn’t imagine a world without my beloved opaques but this year my love of le tight is waning.  I find them to jar with certain outfits and I’m not into my crazy colours as I once was. Although, I won’t be giving them up completely because if I’m not on le BMX then I’m waiting for a bus at the end of a night and a bare leg with a 30 minute wait outside the Maccy D’s on The Strand will freeze the ass off even the most warm blooded of mofos.

On a date with the theatre though I decided to roadtest this New York madness and you know what?…It wasn’t so bad!  My top half was so layered up and snuggly that it didn’t matter that my legs were flying solo.

Another Christmas date with old friends at Wild Honey this week is going to involve a bare leg… well as a see through skirt….You know me my darling Shoelets…always like to shock…

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