Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



Past times Prada

{image via here}

This is my idea of pure beauty.

Yes, I know…You can’t see it…or can you?  A wrinkled granny sock with a chunky ‘sensible’ shoe?…Are you with me as well? OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!  When Prada bought these out last autumn/winter I knew I wanted to copy and love.  It’s taken me a year!  What can I say…sometimes getting a look together takes time. {see here}

{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, american apparel sweat, vintage skirt and brooch, hobbs socks, office heeled loafers, gifted bag from pareeee}

Shoes purchased: Autumn/winter 2009

Socks purchased: Autumn/winter 2010

Look completed: Autumn/winter 2011

Also, I have been thinking about this look I’m sporting for a while and I think it’s something I’m going to adopt all winter….A pencil skirt or a smart/full skirt and a jersy sweatshirt on top.  Love it!  The smart with the casual, the rough with the smooth, the stripe with the leopard.  Have been looking at this and this in American apparel and those precious Christmas pennies might just be spent on those beauties.

What fabulous seasonal look is everyone else excited about adopting this winter?  Tell me?  Do it!! Do it!!!  I wanna know…..

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