Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Playing house

Before Bestie From The TV came down to play in London town, I went up to her’s for the weekend to play in Harrogate town in her beautiful house that I want to live in.  Seeing as I was going ‘tup north I packed jumpers and jeans and my trainers(!?) …I’m sorry! I thought we were going walking!!!!….also I packed in a hurry.  School girl error. Anyway, it turned out to be El Scorchio that weekend and so I had nothing to wear and nothing to do but borrow her clothes…Hee heeee.

Now BFTT has a walk in wardrobe full of treats and delights and I had no problem, once she’d gone to work on the Monday morning, heading straight to that wardrobe raiding it and then faffing about in her gorgeously decorated house and taking photos of myself…Here be those Rankin results.

(gifted longsleeve t, stolen from bestie from the tv dress, hobbs shoes)


(HUH! Who’s there?  At the window..Is it you?)

And so….the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The answer to last weeks quiz is

My pedal pushers* are

13 years old!

Congrats to all who got it right and welcome to our Red shoes new players, I hope you’ll join us at the next quiz.  The prize of seeing my full left ear (a mere glimpse of it is above) will come during the week…I’m not saying when you’ll just have to look out for it. 

More of my frolics around BFTT’s house tomorrow….

*Thanks to Julia for pointing out that they were in fact pedal pushers and not capri pants. My bad….She good.

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