Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



…plus 1 x D.I.M…

Something should always be worn on one’s head at a wedding.

That’s one of my rules and it’s one that I think we all need to adhere to because really there are not many occassions in life when wearing a hat means you won’t be looked at like a tool.

Hats, fascinators, headbands, corsages, fresh flowers…






Whether you’ve bagged a bargain in a charity shop, splashed out and treated yourself to a special piece, made something yourself or picked sweet fresh flowers to wear, pop whatever it is on your head and know that I will be very proud of you.

HOWEVER…..If you want to wear this I’m afraid you’re on your own love.


As I posted here I was deciding what to wear for my upcoming wedding.  I had been given these gorgeous little birds a couple of years ago by my lovely friend DV who had bought them for about half a pence in India. 

I knew I wanted to put them on a hair band but didn’t want one of those painful plastic ones from Claire’s accessoires.  As luck would have it I found a lovely satin (very comfortable) one at a market I stumbled across in Paris.

One night I sat down to watch Peter Andre – The next Chapter  Glee and got to work on my new head piece and am very happy with the result….

I like to call them my Love Birds….

Love bird headband = Done. Reworked dress = Done…..I gotta get meself to a darn wedding y’all!!


Ps…For those of you who can’t remember D.I.M stands for Did it myself…First posted here.

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