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August 2012



Pretty Paris

What? What do you want from me?

Yes, my dear Otis, those were my thoughts exactly when I had to decide what to wear when visiting my lover across the seas aka Gai Pareeeeeeee. My mind was filled with bretton stripes, Parisian chic and a comfortable flat to traipse around the sizzling city in.

{gifted shirt from tim, topshop denim skirt, rae jones shoes, m&s sunnies, kimchi bag}

{otis, matt and lisa taylor. lisa wears antropologie jumpsuit, funkis clogs}

My city companions for my two day jolly in France’s capital where the fabulous Taylors all the way from Australia. Β I’ve known Lisa {see the little beautyΒ here} since 2003 when her sister Kass {see another little beautyΒ here} lived in London and Lili lived across the pond in Paris.

Taking a 5 month sabbatical and a world trip with her family I couldn’t resist hopping on the Eurostar for a catch up, a class or 12 of wine and a wander around the beautiful, cobbled, graffeti ladened streets of Paris.

{reworked denim jacket, orla kiely blouse and skirt, rae jones shoes, m&s sunnies, kimchi bag}

{lili wears skirt made in india, nyc sandals. my ginka bag}

For more adventures in Pareeee seeΒ here

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