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July 2012



Pro Proenza

This post was supposed to be about bags.

I want a new bag.  I found a bag. Bag is expensive. Still like to ogle the bag. Blah, blah, bag.

It was The Man Repellers fault.  She done a post.  I looked at the post, found the bags and started dreaming.  Then I came across the above picture and now I am head over heels with my plaits tickling my ass.  Besides the gormless expression on the lasses face above I love this whole photo with all my heart, breasts and loins.

a) It’s a skirt suit.  OBSESSED with them already. Last count I had 6. SIX SKIRT SUITS!

2)IT’S PRACTICAL!!!!!!!!

Look closely my Shoelets.  That shirt is waterproof…well…water resistant….actually its probably only shower proof but if you threw water on it, it would surely bounce right back at ya. Right? The next layer is either a mac or part scuba costume.  I have died and to shitsummer heavan.  This is my ultimate outfit that I want to wear from now until I am styling my grey hair into some kind of high ponytail. This is exactly the type of get up we have been needing in this monsoon we like to call‘ The Summer of 20 shit’  You KNOW I love to look cappa cappa cool when it’s raining and have struggled with it in the past.  Now I need never struggle no more becasue all I need is $5, 000 {a guess and no doubt too low} and the beauty above is all mine.

I found lady luck first and then I found this beauty below

Not wanting to give too much away but there is an outfit coming – a Did It Myself Didn’t I outfit – that is very similar to this.  Actually, sorry it’s not but it is waterproof and layered and cool and I have been concocting it in my little brain for a while now and can’t wait to show you all.  Watch this space.  I am off to cut cagoule…YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Both outfits from Proenza Schouler pre collection 2012 – of which I would wear every single outfit.

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