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February 2012



Rise to the occasion: Snow Queen

Underneath Bet Gilroy’s cast off is a whole host of layering and warmth.  Bet may have been Drag Queen of The Rovers Return but I am Queen of Rising to the occasion.  If there’s an extreme – Snow, humidity, jungle, the oscars – then I am there with an appropriate outfit.  To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal, light a stage, wax a chump like a candle! DANCE! Keeping warm and stylish {ie.  Not looking like the abominal snow-wo-man} is tricky. 

NEVER FEAR!  I’m always on hand with a tutorial.  Take my hand and follow me.  I promise it’ll be fun….

  • Firstly that thermal layer.  The most important thing you will ever own besides concealer and The wire.  Your second skin.  Your whale blubber.  Your sweat conducter.  Mine’s a long one to avoid any lower back exposure to the elements.  Tuck that buggar in!

{reworked m&s thermal vest. mavi jeans. orla kiely belt} 

  • Next up: Your long sleeve layer.  Again, tuck it in and cover all surfaces.

 {gifted stripey longsleeve}

  • Next: Your last layer.

‘Are you frikking crazy woman?  It’s -2 out there!’

I know, it seems strange but stay with me My Shoelets!  You don’t want too many layers on because then you’re simply bolted!  You can’t move and the air can’t circulate around your body and eventually warm you up.  This last layer – Your joomp – needs to be a sweater.  NO WOOL!  Wool will heat you up, make you sweat and then ultimately, when your body temperature drops, freeze you to death as you have to build a snow bed on the common and try to survive until help arrives.

 {american apparl sweater}

  • Socks.  These are hardcore.  Wool, thick, warm.  Boots.  Snow proof, hardcore, tread.  RAAAAAAAAAAA!  They live for times like these.  Welcome back girls.  You’ve been in the downstairs cupboard for too long!

 {socks: hobbs. boots: natural shoe store}

  • Next step is tres important.  Your accesories.  They keeping those extremities warm.  Hat – Ears and, should you {God forbid} have a bald patch, need to be kept warm at all times.  Mitts – Cut the string off them and shield those paws.  Scarf – There’s nothing worse than a bit of snowball falling down your neckline.

{vintage hat, gifted scarf, gap mittens}

  • Last but by no means least your Coatage.  Whether it’s Bet Gillroy, or The Bear as I like to call her, A miltary wool coat, an 80’s large leather beauty or a sweet mustard pea coat.  Get her on and get outside!

{gifted bet gillroy coat and vintage belt}

Happy Snow days ahead my dears and let me know how your layering goes….Over heated?  Too chilly?  Wet feet?  Trial and error…Trial and error.  It’s what fashion is all about!

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