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January 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Snowchic #3

With two days of dressing for work in the snow, Sunday welcomed a day to get dressed up for rolling around on the common. I’d caught glimpses of street styling and ideas had popped into my head when it came to getting my garb sorted for such an occasion. I headed off to my wardrobe for a quick ‘shopping session’, took out my functional pieces of clothing ~ wool trousers, leather gillet, fleece ~ and put a look together that made me feel like I was off skiing in 1912. It still stood the test of time though my Shoelets, 3 hours of continuous snowing, the hard work of Β building a snow cock & balls and 2 stints in 2 pubs later I was still warm & dry.

{crown cap hat, gifted scarf, bag & fleece, vintage leather gillet {see her story here}, wool trews {first seen here} & coat, natural show store boots, accesorise mittens}

Head on over to my faceshizal to see who I spent the day with, how I somehow ended up looking like Scott of Antarctic and what we ended up erecting….

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